The “Kets” (Cats)

It was brought to my attention that it’s been quite some time since my furry little friends got to sit in the spotlight here on my blog, so this post is dedicated to them!

We moved recently, and any move affects not only the owners, but the pets as well. Singapore is an interesting place to live for a foreigner, where you constantly have to look for a place to rent out. Having cats adds to that challenge, as a lot of house owners are either afraid of cats, think cats will damage their property, or just don’t want the added hassle when there are plenty of potential tenants that don’t own pets. So, finding a place that was suitable for my wife and I, and that would allow pets, was something of a challenge.

Thankfully, we were able to find a decent place. The downside is that it’s not quite as cozy for our pets. Don’t get me wrong. The place is clean and they have plenty of spots to nap, but the room we’re renting is smaller, and the cats are confined to the bedroom. The owner doesn’t want them running around the whole house and on top of that, the windows and doors aren’t cat proof, so they would make their way out to the street and get dirty, sick, or hurt. We can’t have that! Vet bills are too expensive, and I don’t want to have to worry about them! So, they are confined to our small bedroom for at least the next 3 months. Then we could go about finding another place, if need be.

Getting them over here wasn’t much of a problem, but at first I think they were under the impression we were abandoning them. When I let them out of their cage, the first thing they tried to do was run for the door every time it was opened. Since then, they’ve settled in and are a lot more relaxed.

What’s kicking their butt is the heat. In the last place we lived, I kept the air conditioner going most of the day, so they got used to a cool environment. Here, that’s not an option, as our bill is all inclusive and we have to respect the owner’s desire to only have the air conditioner on at night.

Some photos of the cats, suffering in the heat:

(Sushi and Dapper passed out on the bed.)

(Thumper, draped over the scratch post.)

In the evenings when we turn on the air conditioner, they’re not used to it and they get cold, especially little Thumper. She likes to sleep by our butts when we’re in bed, and when we’re not she gets under the blanket herself:


If you’re wondering who Sushi is, since I don’t think I’ve mentioned her before, she’s our new cat. One night about a month ago my wife and I were walking home from dinner at the hawker. We had seen her before and given her something to eat, so she remembered us. I suppose she was hungry, because when she saw us she came to us. Then she literally followed us all the way home, right into the elevator, and right into our house. So, she became part of our group. After she ate, she panicked at first when she realized there was no way for her to get back out, but now she likes living with us. She’s a bit funny though. As soon as the food bowl is empty she freaks out, stalking back and forth, meowing, and jumping up onto the furniture to peer out the window, as if she’s afraid there will never be food here again and she has to go out to hunt for more.

She’s definitely not going to be winning any beauty contests!

But she’s very sweet, and when we moved she made sure she was coming with us!

Sushi really knows how to relax!

Mr. Muggles

You may have noticed that there are no pictures of Mr. Muggles here. I guess I never really blogged about it because it was so sad. In fact, that’s probably why I haven’t blogged about cats in a while.

Mr. Muggles got sick shortly after our return from the Philippines. We got up one morning and he was very … still, I guess. Not his usual playful self. When we checked him out he seemed very cool to the touch. The previous day I had noticed him throw up twice, but I didn’t think much of it, because cats do that sometimes. I decided to take him in to the vet. That afternoon, when I got him to the vet, I was told that they would keep him overnight, and that he should be fine.

Well, he wasn’t fine. We never saw him alive again after the photos above. The next day the vet called us and told us he died. I can’t help but feel that those bastards didn’t keep him warm enough, didn’t make sure he ate, and didn’t give him enough attention. We took him to the vet because I thought they could give him better care than I could, and I still think I could’ve kept him alive if I’d put in the effort. Instead, he’s gone. For their “services” they charged us 100 bucks, and then they had the nerve to ask for another 250 for a special cat cremation where we would receive his ashes in a jar. I told them they’d done quite enough, and we went and collected him later that night and took him to the SPCA. It was a bit unceremonious, but we felt the SPCA would be a bit more gentle and respectful of his remains, since it’s an animal welfare organization, and it was much more gentle on our wallets.

I can’t say I’m all that impressed with vets here as a whole. Every time I take a cat to the vet, I get charged a lot of money with little to no results. I think I’ll just start doing things myself, unless it’s something that requires surgery.


If you’re wondering about the title of the post, it has to do with how the house owner’s son pronounces the word. When he first heard we were moving in, and that we have cats, he got very excited, and as we brought each load of stuff into the house, he would run up and ask us, “Where your kets!?”

The boy has developed a real liking for our cats, and on days when he doesn’t have school, he sometimes spends the afternoon up here in our bedroom playing with them, which is fine with me. The cats seem to enjoy the attention as much as he enjoys playing with them.

He says he wants “kets” of his own, but his mother won’t allow it. I can understand that. Cats can be ludicrously expensive when you have to add in vet bills on top of regular maintenance bills (litter, food, etc). So, taking on a cat is a big investment.

So, our “kets” have a new friend, a new place to live, and they seem to be getting along fine. ^_^

7 thoughts on “The “Kets” (Cats)”

  1. I'm not sure how it is the cats don't kill each other in the room. They were born inside though, and spent most of their lives in that room so it's really all they know. They do have a lot of fun running back and forth playing with each other. Of course, we wish we had more space for them but we're making do with what we have available at the moment. They don't fight for space at all. They're used to each other.The cats are very clean. They get baths regularly and they don't really have a chance to get too dirty, since they don't go outside. At most they start smelling like old cat spit after a while from grooming themselves and that's when I know it's time for them to get washed again. Oh, how they hate that!The cats have a litter box that has to be cleaned regularly, but it's a fairly simple, if sometimes stinky matter.We pay about 50 to 60 bucks per month on cat food. Sometimes it's less than that. It depends on how generous we're feeling, but we try to get them premium food. You can feed them less and it's still better for them in the end.If we were to move to the Philippines or the US, we would of course take them with us! Importing them might be a pain in the ass, but how could I leave my cats behind?


  2. I love our cats. Sushilicious, Boodapdap and Boothumthump. It's note easy to keep up especially with the piling expenses but its definitely worth it to keep a pet. God's furry angels. Sometimes I feel more like they adopted me than the other way around. Life is more beautiful and happier having them. Although sometimes they drive me crazy and make me nauseous with their turds from hell. hahaha


  3. Thanks for updating on the kets, and now I see you have another! Vet bills are ATROCIOUS! We had the Mister dealt with now it's the westie. Her problem is much more serious but I'm hesitating on posting about it. The cost (500 euros!) alone make me want to wretch…


  4. I like that, Kets, think I'll start using that myself. Just sounds so darn cute, hehe. Sushi is pretty, nice colors, hey Pichi, wadda ya think ^_^. Sushi is a girl right? Haha, I just thought, imagine if they saw my Pichi, oh boy!


  5. Haha… these little bastards… you know, cat's don't like outsiders and Suhi came into their private area. That's why they won't be friends… unless.. I saw that on TV, how to make two cats like themselves… I only remember one part. To stroke one cat, maybe with a wet cloth and after that stroke the other one. It's in the smell. When Thumper has some of Sushi's smell on her fur and gets used to it, he won't be so aggressive towards Sushi… Maybe do both ways every day, put some Sushi's smell on Thumper and some of Thumper's on Sushi.. It worked on TV, but I don't know if it can work there πŸ™‚ Then after few weeks, try to see, if Thumper reacts less aggressive towards Sushi. I donno if it works, k. No guarantees from me. :)And something I wanted to tell you in a long time: Thumper, Dapper and Suhi! WTF? Who came up with the ridiculous names? πŸ˜›


  6. Very good post and I topic I like. Because I love cats myself. 4 years ago, we had 5 cats, now there's only two… 2 died, 1 ran away, all tom-cats. Now we have two girls and 1 is now pregnant, we're expecting in July! We wan't a tom-cat πŸ˜› Anyway, they say there's 2 kind of people in the world: Cat-lovers and dog-lovers. We had dogs before we had cats and I loved my dog as well. Then someone knocked him dead with the car… and we decided to have cats. And cats grow on you gradually. Now I think i couldn't have a dog at all. They're too demanding, to lively, too loud. Cat's are gracious and peaceful. Unless they are horny or hungry. So cats are the only pets I'd have. But if I'm hones, I wouldn't wanna have them in an apartment. Here we have a house with a bg garden, a forest, a meadow and 2 big fields. So they keep going in and out, sleep and eat inside, hunt and poop outside πŸ™‚ Our house is clean πŸ™‚ At night they're always outside.So, my questions are: How can 3 cats not freak out in such a small hot room? Is it a different temperament? Cuz I know my cats would… Do they fight among themselves? Are they clean and do you have a lot of work with removing their 'excrements'? How much you pay for food in a month? Do you let them out sometimes? If you happen to move to the Philippines or USA, would you take them with you?Sorry for so many questions πŸ™‚ Have a good time answering πŸ˜‰


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