Beating the Weather in Singapore

If you’re coming to Singapore, bring light clothing! Oh, and pack an umbrella!

Singapore is located in the tropics.  It only takes one step outside of your house at noon to be reminded of that.  Well, sometimes you don’t even have to leave your house to figure it out.  This place is hot all the time, and it’s especially hot during the summer.  The temperatures seem to constantly hover around 32 to 34.  I think I noted on a weather site that the temperature drops to 29 at night here, but that’s only outside.  The buildings are constructed in a way that they hold the heat, so the ambient temperature in your home might stay at 31 to 32 all night even with the windows open.  Complicating matters is the humidity, which averages about 75%.

Also, it rains quite often.  It seems to rain about once a week, if not more.  It’s supposed to be even worse during the rainy season, which is from November to December.  Though, from what I remember from this past year, it’s raining more now than it was then.

Sometimes it rains just a bit.  Sometimes it rains a lot.  What’s good about the rain in Singapore is that it usually rolls in quickly and is gone just as fast.  If it rains, it might rain for 30 minutes and then an hour after it stops the roads will be almost dry again.  There are times when the rain is more prolonged and may be off and on for a day or two, but not as often as the short showers.

I love the rain here for two reasons. First, it cools everything down. In the days leading up to a good storm it usually gets hotter and hotter, sometimes touching on 35. Then the clouds roll in and the rain helps to cool everything off. The second reason is simply personal. I love a good thunderstorm! The overcast days, the gray of the clouds, the rumble of the thunder and the flash of the lightning are calming and thrilling at the same time.

4 thoughts on “Beating the Weather in Singapore

  1. I still miss the rain, but I don't miss the humidity. But, it's almost too damn dry here. My skin is always really dry. Better that than mold growing on everything, though. I can always use moisturizer.There are some things I really do miss about Singapore. They have great animal welfare organizations, lots of running events and facilities for exercise, it's relatively clean and safe.I remember Megan's blog. I enjoyed reading it. I've been following the blog she set up about her life back in Kansas, but it just doesn't have the same flair or interesting content. Obviously of course. I'm from the US, so nothing she writes is really a surprise anymore. By the same token, my readership dropped off a lot too. Oh well. At least I'm in NYC, where life is more interesting than Kansas.As far as going back to Singapore, I have no clue what the future holds. I had some ups and downs there, and while I was there began to feel very negatively about the place, but in retrospect it wasn't that bad at all, compared to some places I've lived. I'm about to start school again this month, to get, at the least, my Master's degree and perhaps a PhD. After that I'll see what happens, but that's years down the road.Megan was the only other American's blog I followed while I was in Singapore, so I'm not sure if there are others, but you can check this link for information: blog is listed there too, under a previous name.


  2. ok, i know umabsolutely incredibly late to comment, but i love the rain in singapore too. im not there now but when i was it was absolutely great. i only just stumbled upon your blog… but will you ever move back to singapore? because all the bloggers have goneback to america in 2010. you, the guy at and do you know any other good singaore blogs???


  3. Good news is that I love the tropical rain, too. I just can't stand the rain in Europe. In Singapore, rain is refreshing, it somehow 'washes away' the scorching heat, even if only for a little while. I once got caught in the rain and that was not good. My cheap sandals started to leak color, my feet were all black 🙂 So, always have an umbrella at hand when in Singapore 🙂


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