Cosplay and Dance Routine Mascots at Tampines 1

We were walking out of the Tampines 1 mall to take a shortcut down to the lower level and heard loud music playing and saw a crowd gathering. I ran over to see what was going on and immediately got my camera out. This is kinda weird, and not something I’d ever expected to see going on as a mall promotion. I’m not entirely sure it was the mall they were promoting, though. I saw a Tampines 1 logo on one of their suits, but the wading pool in front of them had a message about renewing energy, so it could have been a mall sponsored energy conservation promotion.

[Update: I found out that the mall has a blog and that these guys are promoting the Amore Living store on the 5th floor, which has an outdoor pool on the roof, as part of their fitness complex.]This second group surely had something to do with a toy store. I quickly took a few pictures. Then a woman asked if I wanted my photo taken with them. She looked like she was wearing a jacket with a business logo on it so I was scared she was going to ask for money. I politely said no and then quickly retreated!

4 thoughts on “Cosplay and Dance Routine Mascots at Tampines 1”

  1. Oh, and if that guy was so hurting for money, he should have taken himself to the embassy. I'm pretty sure there's a way to get a loan for air fare back to the US. That could have saved him from making an ass clown out of himself.


  2. I wonder why that guy was wandering around begging for money? That's kinda weird. I try to be discreet when taking photos of people, and even if they did complain I wouldn't care all that much. In public there's no such thing as an expectation of privacy, so oh well for them.


  3. Haha… Your last sentence is funny. Well, the guy was so fast going towards me, that I naturally backed off. His hand was almost in my face and I knew he was American by the way he spoke. There was many people passing by, I didn't wanna be in the centre of attention. Anyway, it was a wtf moment when he approached me in Tampines to help him. He thought there's a white guy at my service. What a weirdo. Basically he was just annoying people, I never saw anyone 'enjoying' his performance.


  4. The dance reminds me of Fatboy Slim's Rockafella Skank video… 😛 Funny… I see you make videos with your cam. Did you ever have someone tell you he doesn't wanna be shot? I had an encounter with an American guy. It was near Paragon at Orchard road. He put on some Bear ears and danced and sung and basically annoyed people. I saw he had a big dirty rucksack at the side. And he didn't look clean either. So I took out my digital cam and wanted to snap some pictures. I was 20m away, he saw me and came towards me with a strecthed hand saying: Don't take pictures of me… I say ok, I won't… and I left. I saw him almost every day at Orchard later, I managed to snap a photo, but it is blurry… Anyway, to my surprise after few weeks I was walking around Tampines: There he was with his dirty rucksack and full of some crap for his 'street music performance'. Guess what? He came toward me and ask me if I want to help him carry something. I say no, I don't have time. He didn't remember me from before. He was quite rude back then, now he wanted my help. No way, buddy. I don't know what happened to him. Did you manage to see a guy like that? Maybe you make some You-Tube worthy video 🙂


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