3 Days in Kuala Lumpur: Part 9: Street Food

It goes without saying that when you visit a place you have to try the local food, and you’re not going to find authentic local food in chain stores or fancy restaurants. Not typically anyways. We spent most of our 3 day trip looking around the Chinatown area and it has a fairly decent mix of tourist style restaurants, franchises (3 McDonald’s encircled the area… not surprised at all), and a nice assortment of “street food”. That’s what my wife says it’s called. She’s referring to the stand alone carts that sell food. She was insistent that we try eating at one of them before leaving and I love to eat, so I didn’t put up any argument.

So, the second night of our trip we found ourselves wandering down the road that runs along eastern edge of Chinatown and we saw a stall that was selling satay. I think satay is just a local word for shish kebabs, except they’re plain grilled meat on a stick, with a sauce applied to them during the grilling process. The stuff smelled fantastic and we couldn’t resist. We snagged their last beef satay, 3 chicken satay, 2 chicken liver & gizzard satay, and an order of rice cubes. It was served up fairly quickly and came with a dish of a spicy and sweet peanut sauce. We cleared the plate in about 3 minutes. The stuff was delicious and left us wanting more. I’m not a big fan of gizzard and liver, but even that tasted great coming off the grill there.

Here are some photos!

The other thing I can recommend is a stand called Air Mata Kucing. I have no clue what that means, but it’s located at one of the intersections along Jalang Petaling, near the center of the Chinatown area. They serve a drink that tastes like tea made with sugar cane. There were also bits of some fruit in it. My wife says she thinks it’s longan fruit. It’s very good, very sweet, and can be served with or without ice. We wound up going back for more of this stuff on our 3rd and last day there.

I would have liked to have had the opportunity to try out more of the local dishes, but our trip was a short one. There’s always next time!

4 thoughts on “3 Days in Kuala Lumpur: Part 9: Street Food”

  1. RT, mata=eye, kucing=eyeBoth words can't mean 'eye', right? Believe me, kucing means cat. That I'm 100% sure. I mest up first, but the second time I was right 🙂 And I used to eat many mata kucings in Singapore 🙂


  2. mata=eye, kucing=eye, air=water (pronounced ar-ir)”mata kucing” is the Malay name for longan, the fruit.so, “air mata kucing” is actually “longan fruit juice” + some sugar and added water.


  3. I'm so stupid 'mata kucing' is 'cat eye', 'air' means water. So it's like watery cat eye or something. There's so many villages in Malaysia called 'air hitam' which means 'water black' or black water. That's why I messed up ^^


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