Moleskine Notebooks

The first time I’d ever heard of a moleskine notebook was when I was reading a blog about a woman’s trip to Vietnam. She had taken a lot of notes in a moleskine and had scanned and embedded them as a slideshow into a blog post. I thought it was a really interesting idea, and a great way to record thoughts about a trip you take when you might not have a laptop handy. For example, if you’re on a hike through the hills you might not have time to whip out your laptop and jot down a few things. Despite the proliferation of digital media, there are still a lot of times when old fashioned notebooks are just the most practical and sensible thing to use.

Moleskines are appealing because they have an interesting name and an interesting history. I know it’s silly to feel more prestigious just based on an item you might have, but moleskines are just that sort of thing. They even advertise it and market it that way. The cover wrapper (seen in green and orange on the ones in the photo) say: “The legendary notebook of Hemingway, Picasso, Chatwin.” I suppose it’s something like how Apple promotes their products.

When you break open the plastic and flip it open, the first thing you’ll probably notice is a leaflet inside that details the history of moleskine notebooks. Apparently they fell out of production for a while, but some authors ordered a bulk of them because they were sad to see them go. Later, another manufacturer, in Milan I believe, picked up the production and they’re marketed world-wide again.

Typically I wouldn’t fall for something like that, but I really enjoy writing, and writing is all about frame of mind. If you’re in the right frame of mind, you’ll write well. If not, what you produce is at best bland. So, having something that’s touted as a notebook used by famous figures is just the thing to set the mood, and it also pushes you to only write things in it that are meaningful.

So, yesterday, my wife and I bought each other one each, as gifts. The one I got for my wife is an “Info Book” style Moleskine, with tabbed, labeled sections. She’s a fanatic for organizers and loved it. I got the plain, ruled paper moleskine. That’s appropriate for what I want to do with it, which is record thoughts that I have that I can later use for blog articles. I’m sure everyone has had a great thought or idea, only to realize later when they sit down they can’t quite grasp it again. This is my solution.

We picked the pocket sized versions because that makes for easy portability. It’ll slip easily into a bag or pocket. The quality is really nice. Each one is hand made, and comes with a defect-free guarantee that’s easy to cash in on. If you find a defect, all you have to do is take a digital image and e-mail it to a provided address. They’ll ship you a new notebook right away. Quality and service are important to this company.

So, if you’re looking for a quality notebook that you can shelf and cherish later on, this might be something you’ll want to look into. Just keep in mind that they’re a bit pricey since they’re premium items.

5 thoughts on “Moleskine Notebooks”

  1. Wow! I had no idea that there was such an involves subculture with moleskines. That does seem like an interesting way to exchange ideas. Between moleskines and my iPhone I have a lot of 'exploration' to do.I'll be sure to check out your sites when I get back home. I'm piggybacking on someone's unsecured home network right now but the signal isn't that good.


  2. Oh, I'm a big fan of Moleskine. I always get involve in Moleskine exchange project. When i fill up all the pages, I'll send it over to someone and in return I'll get that person's Moleskine. It's a way to exchange ideas. I also have MollieBloggie. When I don't know how to express my thoughts in words on my blog, I'll draw it on my moleskine and publish it on my blog. I'm giving that away too. Right now I need somemore Moleskine, and I've request readers to donate for a new moleskine. moleskine it's one of reason readers coming back to my blog. welcome to the world of moleskine. you'll get addicted with it.


  3. the ones we got are really nice and fancy. I found it so fantastic and looked it up online. then my jaw dropped. time bookstore overpriced those items that it ruined my mood for an hour. they charged twice the original amount. ON top of that, if you buy it by the bulk, you get it for a lower price. these notebooks arent cheap but i understand why. STILL what Times did spoiled it for me. I have no respect for their store and I never ever want to buy anything from them again.


  4. I love Moleskines but can't think of a reason to have one since I rarely write anything down by hand these days. One of these days though…


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