Sentosa’s Underwater World

My wife and I last went to Sentosa in September of last year.  We showed up in the late afternoon so we didn’t get to do much, but we had a great time and planned to go back.

Today, we finally got that opportunity.

Our main objective for the trip was Underwater World.  The first time we went there I was really interested in it, but we ran out of time.  Later, I saw photos from someone else’s trip and got even more excited to go.  So, we headed straight for it.  The line to get tickets was rather long, but it only took about 20 minutes to get through.  Afterwards we took a short break to get something to drink before heading into the Underwater World area.

In the entrance to Underwater World there are a lot of tanks built into the walls where you can view some of the smaller fish.  There’s also a petting tank and a “feed the manta ray” tank.  That one was pretty interesting.  The rays in it were so used to being fed by people that if you stood near the tank they would come over to you and half flop out of the water expecting you to drop food.

After you pass into the main exhibit area the tanks for the fish get larger.  One of the more interesting tanks had Japanese Giant Spider Crabs in it.  Full grown, their front claws can be 6 feet across or more!

Just past the crabs is an area with a lot of jellyfish that are neat to look at.  One of the tanks, with the jellyfish shown in red in the picture above, rotates the ambient lighting in the water and as the lighting changes the color of the jellyfish changes.

One you go through this area you can head into the underwater tunnel.  The underwater tunnel is a long tunnel with a plexiglass dome so that you can see the fish all around you and above you.  There is a travelator along the left side and a regular floor along the right side, so you can either ride through and look around or jump off to snap a few pictures.  While riding through this area we saw a lot of large and small fish.  We also saw some divers in the tank feeding the fish.  You can see some shots of the fish in the tunnel-tank below.

(We calld this guy the “Nom Nom Nom Ray” because he was constantly munching on something and grinning at us!)

13 thoughts on “Sentosa’s Underwater World”

  1. Funny you should mention that because as we were going through the tunnel my wife was saying: “I want to eat you, and you, and you. Oh look baby. Dinner!”. It earned us some funny looks but I was actually thinking the same thing, wondering what they all taste like.


  2. Well, it's like you said. Younger chicks are usually retarded or worried about the wrong things. I went with an older woman so I wouldn't have to deal with that kind of immaturity.


  3. Well, I suppose you are a bit older than me after all but we're pretty close in age. As for Margee that's a secret but she is a bit older than you. :)Anyhow, off to bed for me and I'll write more about Sentosa tomorrow. I have a few more interesting photos to share.After that nice little vacation and spoiling myself with new stuff I feel creative again.


  4. I doubt you're older than both of us. In fact, didn't you say you were 26 or 27?Maybe you could find a job in Singapore before coming here. Though, there are jobs (besides the ones that plainly say Singaporean or SPR only) that they are only open to foreigners that are already inside the country. That's even weirder to me.Over 25 huh? 25 is a good age. That's about when I got my head planted squarely on my shoulders.


  5. When we were on the monorail heading out to Sentosa, my wife actually mentioned that it's a shame you don't live here too so we could watch you hit on young Asian chicks on the beach. Speaking of that… there were a lot of hot young Asian chicks on the beach.


  6. I had get back here when you mentioned no fruit-filled pastries in Singapore….you mean no strawberry, apricot, plum, none of that stuff? This leaves only custard or chocolate. Wow…please verify.


  7. haha imagine that nyom nyom nyom stingray grilled and served with a dish with onions, tomatoes with some diced green mangoes and lots and lots a rice. hahaha that stingray did look cute. i want to have it as my pet. =)


  8. By any chance did they have a seafood restaurant/snackbar on the premises? I just saw that crab and octopus and well….I wish it was time for lunch already.


  9. So many fish. That ray looks like he's talking, I liked that. Is this a tunnel that's in a large tank? Pretty neat, how deep down is it?


  10. Oh, ma man digs older chix? LOL. (Just kidding, no offence, please, I always thought you were 3 years younger, hehe). Yes, you should address me with 'Sir', since I'm older than you. You try to make it sound as we're like almost same age. Well, when I was already walking in 1981, you were still crawling. How about that, ha? 🙂


  11. Wut? You guys have some weird conversations. Ain't I older than both of you?It's a shame you don't live here too so we could watch youhit on young Asian chicks on the beachHahaha… why would you think so? Sounds so like I want to hit on teen girls. LOL. I'm not someone who picks up girls on the beach. And the girl/woman I want to have, should be at least 25, below that is too young. So… who knows, I might be there one day hanging out with you two guys. If I travel around there, sure. I have some ideas of trying to go back either to Malaysia or S'pore, but it ain't easy and needs to be planned and executed well. Means that I won't rush into anything now 🙂


  12. It's really a nice thing to do in Sentosa, I never went there. I guess I have to go next time. I only been 'Aboveworld Sentosa', hehe…


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