The Search For Great Pizza in Singapore Continues

One of the things I’ve been unable to do since moving to Singapore is locate a great pizza. I mean a great pizza that tastes like a slice of pizza I could get in New York City. I know that’s not likely to happen, but man, I was hoping for something close at least.

There are Pizza Hut franchises here, but they’re just not the same. They use a different type of tomato sauce and they use a lot of weird ingredients that you’d never find on the menu in the US. I never liked Pizza hut anyway, since it’s so greasy. The last time I ate at a pizza hut was in Alabama and I literally used a napkin to sponge the grease off of it before I ate it.

In the US, my preferred pizza, as far as franchises go, is Papa John’s. That stuff is just plain good!

Here in Singapore, I’d take just about anything.

There’s a Sbarro’s in the Philippines that I ate at. It was great! There’s another restaurant there that looks good too, an Italian place, but I just can’t remember the name of it. I haven’t been able to try it yet, but hopefully the next time I’m there I will. I have a craving for Mexican food too, so hopefully we’ll get to stop by Mexicali. Not sure when that’ll be though, since my next trips are lined up for Phuket and maybe Bali or Sabah.

But… my quest for great pizza in Singapore is still incomplete. I thought I might have found a winner at a restaurant called ‘New York, New York’, but it wasn’t quite up to par either.

To start off with, the pizza was really greasy. You can see that in the photo. The second problem is that the sauce was put on so lightly they might as well have just excluded it from the recipe, and what sauce was on there wasn’t very tasty. I guess they missed the whole part about pizza sauce having spices and being more than just tomato sauce.

The worst part is that we had to pay 13 SGD for this disaster and it was only 9 inches in diameter.

Oh, and speaking of ‘diameter’, our waiter didn’t understand what the word meant. He got so confused that he wound up telling me that they only sold pizza by the slice and that the slice was 9 inches long, and cost 13 SGD. I told him to go get a manager and the manager was able to clarify for me. Plus, I just wanted to point out to him that his waiter should at least know what’s on the menu.

So, ya, ‘New York, New York’ was another fail.

The closest I’ve seen so far is that ‘Canada Pizza’, I think it’s called, but it wasn’t good enough to make me want more.

On a positive note, I heard from another person’s blog (An American Girl in Singapore) that there’s a Dunkin Donuts in the new Ion Mall down on Orchard. That’s GREAT news. The donuts at most shops here in Singapore are just… too much I guess you could say. They’re overdone with icing and overdone with fillings and way too sweet to the point they’re not even good anymore. Some of them are so bad you might as well just be eating a big ball of sugar. The mom and pop bakeries here, on the other hand, don’t put enough and you wind up feeling like you’re just eating plain dough. Dunkin Donuts is a franchise though. They should get it right, because it’s a standard recipe. I can’t wait to get down there and check to see if they have Bavarian Cream!

(A photo of the last Dunkin Donuts we had in Kuala Lumpur’s airport a few months ago)
If you enjoy reading articles about pizza, you might enjoy THIS great article about a Singaporean’s search for good pizza in Italy. It’s quite enjoyable and funny!

11 thoughts on “The Search For Great Pizza in Singapore Continues”

  1. Hi rinaz!Can you give me any more information about where these three places are located? You said I might have to travel a bit so I assume they're not in eastern Singapore! That's fine though. For a good slice of pizza I'd hop on the MRT. ^_^Well, to each his own I guess, about Pizza Hut and Canadian's. If all else fails, Canadians would be my fall-back, but Pizza Hut was horrid, and the prices are high for the size.I remembered you mentioning in your post how the pizzas seem so big and are considered a personal size pizza. I guess I'm used to those bigger pizzas too. ^_^


  2. I know of a couple of nice places to have pizza. You might have to travel a little bit for it though. 1. La Forketta2. Peperoni Pizzeria3. Da Donato (if you're into taglio)But ahem … pizza hut or canadian's might not be too bad


  3. @Jamaipanese: By the way, took a look at your site. Looks interesting. I took a history course on Japan, 1865 to what was supposed to be “present” but we only made it to about 1944. Ya, I know. Kind of a quirky place to stop right? Wish the class had been longer. The place has a really interesting history.


  4. @Rowena: Ya, my profile is now visible. I'm fairly incognito now I think. Enough that nothing can be proven! Don't think my name is in this anywhere. How do you like the new look? I thought the template was very clean-cut looking. Just gotta get hot on sketching out a nice header image.I thought I read somewhere that pizzas were actually created by Americans? Italian Americans? Could be wrong.As for deleted entries, I realized that I was tarnishing this blog by posting content that this is an inappropriate venue for. That being the case, some content has been moved to a new location, which I will not disclose, and I will continue to vent my frustrations over a year in hell. If you really want to keep reading it, let me know and I'll e-mail the link.@Jamaipanese: Thanks! Hopefully I'll stumble across a fantastic place soon, or someone with more knowledge of great food places in Singapore will direct me where to go!


  5. First of all, your profile is now visible??? I usually pop over from my feeds, but came directly via your comment at my blog. So that means no more incognito???Anyway, I went over to the pizza article and had to laugh, because if you've lived in Italy long enough (and really, my time here is peanuts), you'll know that not every pizzeria makes great pizza. Every now and then we always come across places where we wish we could just up and walk out of the place. In Italy you CAN get pizza all wrong!


  6. I'll be sure to spread the word! ^_^When my brother and I were small, we were living in Germany on an Air Force base, and there wasn't such a proliferation of on-post establishments back then, so we kinda grew up without pizza.When we did move back to the states, pizza was such an amazing thing to us that we had it (well demanded it) nearly every single Friday to the point that my dad will still rarely eat it (voluntarily) to this day. Poor guy.I do definitely miss NYC pizza.


  7. I feel your pain in your quest for good pizza. I was also spoiled by the amazingness that is New York City pizza. Now, nothing compares. Papa John's is a close runner-up though.When you find decent pizza in this country, let me know. There's been a pizza drought at our house for too long.-The American girl in Singapore


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