Livita Energy Drink in Singapore

Livita Energy Drink
Livita Energy Drink

I saw this Livita on the shelf in the drink section of the grocery store at Whitesands (Fairprice I think) and at first thought it was medicine that had been misshelved. My wife glanced at it and told me that it’s an energy drink that’s also sold in the Philippines under another name. A quick look at the label and ingredients told me she was right.  I asked her how it tasted and she said it was good.  The packaging just seemed a bit off to me, though.

So, instead, I bought a can of Red Bull. I drank that a lot when I was in the Army and it seemed to work well, except when I was doing that leadership training (aka PLDC, aka WLC) anyway. I was only getting 4.5 hours of sleep per day for weeks back then.  I could have slept standing up!

Another reason I bought the Red Bull is that when I pointed it out, my wife said she’s never had it before so I’ll let her have a taste.  She asked me if it’s good and I had to admit that it’s something of an acquired taste.  I hated the stuff when I first started drinking it, but it sort of grows on you.

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