A Tale of Fear and Panic in Singapore

Ok, just to get it out of the way, this isn’t my story.  This is the maid’s story.  I thought it was worth sharing because it highlights a problem that’s unique to Asia.  For the sake of the story and her privacy we’ll call her Cookie.  Ok, here we go:

Cookie was at the mall with one of the boys she looks after.  They’d been having a good time at the arcade, but it was time to head home.  It was starting to get dark out and it was close to dinner time.  So, they walked down to the bus interchange and got in line.

While they were waiting in line, Cookie noticed that there was an old white guy in the line behind her.  He looked to be in his mid-50s, was bald with scraggly white hairs around the sides of his head and a he had a rough, unshaved look.  He also looked like he was smuggling a small pig in his shirt, the way his gut overhung his shorts.  In other words the guy was pretty gross looking all around.  Cookie didn’t pay him much attention, but every now and then she’d catch a glimpse of him out of the corner of her eye.  He was watching her.

When the bus showed up, Cookie hurried herself and the boy onto it and they made their way to the center area, close to the exit door.  The old white guy got on the bus with her and sat down where he could see her.  During the short trip to her bus stop, Cookie noticed that the guy kept glancing over at her.  She was starting to get uncomfortable with it so she was glad when they were able to get off the bus.

As she started walking down the sidewalk she looked over her shoulder and saw that the old white guy had also exited the bus at that stop.  She started walking faster.  She looked over her shoulder again and saw that the old man had matched her pace.  She started walking even faster, but whenever she increased her pace so did the old man.

When she reached the bottom of the building where she lives she grabbed the boy’s hand and ran to the stairwell.  She took the stairs quickly and then dashed down the hallway to her door.  She could hear the old man running behind her, chasing her.  For an old fat guy he was pretty quick on his feet.

When she got to her door she started fumbling for the key and finally got it out of her bag but she was so nervous she couldn’t get it into the lock.  She heard steps approaching and knew the old man was right there, coming around the corner.  She finally got the key in the lock and looked over her shoulder and…

The old man was right there behind her.  She backed up against the door gate and asked him what he wanted.  He reached in his pocket and quickly pulled out…

A piece of paper.  With his phone number on it.  He handed it to her and left.


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