Singapore’s First Wendy’s Is Great, But Why Lau Pa Sat?

We’ve known Wendy’s was here in Singapore for quite a few weeks but we just never took the time to get out to it.  The reason is that it’s not situated in a very easy to get to area.  It’s way out in Lau Pa Sat.  First off, that’s a good distance away from where most anyone lives, and it’s not a major thoroughfare like Orchard Road either.  It’s sitting off by itself, near Raffles MRT station.  It’s not easy to find if you’re not familiar with the area and it’s not a place you can stop to eat at while window shopping.

If you look at this map, you can see that it’s not even close to the MRT station. Zoom out twice and you’ll see Raffles MRT a bit north of the location.  The reason this is bad is that this is the first Wendy’s in Singapore.  It has to make a name for itself, and it’s not going to be able to do that effectively where it’s located.  Besides the fact that it’s hard to get to, it’s been stuck in with a landmark food court that sells local dishes.  That makes it a hard choice, even if you went there specifically intending to go to Wendy’s.  My wife and I almost passed on it to eat the satay that was being served right next to it.  This restaurant would fare a lot better in a mall at the least, and on Orchard Road somewhere for sure.  I suppose what it does have going for it is that a lot of foreigners likely work in the surrounding area, but even so it could have been better situated.

Mobile Photo 19-Jan-2010 AM 04 13 58

That aside, it was nice to see that familiar Wendy’s logo.  When I lived in the US I rarely ate there.  I just didn’t care for the burgers that much and I still don’t, more so than ever after watching Food Inc.  So, in the US I would usually pass them up for Arby’s or Subway or Chinese or Mexican.  You get the point.  If this were the first Wendy’s in a US town I wouldn’t have even cared.  But, since I’m an American in a foreign country it was worth the trip just to have a small taste of home.

Mobile Photo 19-Jan-2010 AM 04 14 22

Despite the location, many people were making their way out there to eat.  The line stayed consistently long the entire time we were there.

Mobile Photo 19-Jan-2010 AM 04 14 53

And also despite my desire for a small taste of home, I wound up loading two trays with my order for my wife and I.  My wife was downtown already and couldn’t wait so she got started with a cup of chili and a salad.  When I got there, I ordered some additional food.  Like I said, I never did care for the burgers so I didn’t bother to order one.  Instead I opted for the Grilled Chicken Ceaser Salad, which was good.  We also got a cup of chili, a chili cheese baked potato, sour cream and chives baked potato, two small Frosties and a medium Coke.  It’s more filling than it sounds.  It was all great, especially the chili.  I was surprised at how well it was priced, considering how much meat was in it.  I think it was only 3.50.  Or maybe 2.50.

It’s well worth the effort of finding it and I’m sure we’ll be making another trip soon to enjoy the chili and Frosties again.

3 thoughts on “Singapore’s First Wendy’s Is Great, But Why Lau Pa Sat?”

  1. Thanks for the heads-up. I'll definitely avoid them now! Even in the US I tried to steer clear of fast food burgers though. I preferred the ones that were sold at Chili's and Applebee's.


  2. well i'm glad that you didn't try the burgers, the burgers in Wendys (Singapore) is totally different from what i had in the US. For starters the beef patties really looked processed =( kind of spoilt the fun of eating burgers, furthermore they seemed pretty dry too. =


  3. I try to avoid McDonalds. I haven't eaten there in more than half a year other than to get an occasional hot fudge sundae. We've been boiling or steaming our food mostly to try and cut out oils and eat more healthy.


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