McCafe Drinks

Last year in June I purchased a drink at McCafe for the first time.  It was the outlet in Pasir Ris’s White Sands mall.  I ordered a double chocolate frappe and it was the most horrible drink I’d ever had.  It was watery and bland.  It didn’t taste of coffee or chocolate.  It mostly just tasted of ice.  The best part of the drink was the whipped cream on top.

Well, maybe it was the outlet or maybe things have improved with the quality of their drinks.  Lately, while waiting to catch a movie at Downtown East, my wife have been getting drinks and sitting in the McCafe there to chat, read and kill time.  When I go there I get an iced latte.  It’s my favorite ‘fancy’ drink.  Out of the three times I’ve bought that drink there I’ve had two hits and a miss.  The one time the drink wasn’t good was because the girl gave me a glass of iced milk instead of a latte.  Seriously.  You couldn’t tell there was coffee in it at all.  Thankfully, though, when I brought it to their attention they fixed the drink.

Anyhow, the quality of the drinks has gone up.  I guess my original assessment isn’t valid anymore, because I’m loving the fact that I can get reasonably priced coffee there that’s good now.

The presentation is nice too:

Mobile Photo 26-Jan-2010 AM 12 30 32
My wife’s cappuccino.


Mobile Photo 26-Jan-2010 AM 12 31 01
My iced latte.

4 thoughts on “McCafe Drinks”

  1. i like ya kun coffee and their wonderful toast. I cant get enough of those. as for starbucks, ill let foamy the squirrel do the review for me.


  2. I think it was just an honest mistake. They were a bit busy at the time and they were quick to correct it.I have a feeling that over time the McCafe will get better at making those fancier drinks. They seem to have gotten better at it since my first underwhelming experience there last June.I try my best to find alternatives to the fancier cafes. I can't justify spending that much for coffee on a regular basis. Even when I was making good money in the US I thought it was expensive.Thanks for adding your thoughts!


  3. i always order iced latte whenever i get my breakfast mcdelivered, & sometimes the syrup/coffee flavor/whatever is stuck at the bottom, so you've to stir it up a bit. i do think it's possible that she just forgot to add coffee or something lol.anyway, from my past experiences, simple coffees like cappuccino & iced lattes taste alright at mac's. they're not too good with other things like caramel frapps & that iced himalayan tea latte (which they feature on the menu w/ an enticing photo) though; the latte tasted groooss. so, i suggest you stick to cafes, when you want something “fancier”, that are actually known for their coffee like starbucks or coffee bean, despite how everyone says they're just another cafe chain blablabla because let's face it, their coffees are costlier for a reason.


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