Why Cats Are Awesome

Source unknown.  Not my work.  Funny and true though!

6 thoughts on “Why Cats Are Awesome”

  1. I know a lot of people that are afraid of cats. They look at me like I'm insane when I pick up my cat Dapper and rub my cheek against her face to torment her. I don't know why but she hates it and starts meowing loudly.The thing with cats, and with Dapper, is that after they've known you for a while they start to trust you more and more. I've had Dapper since she was 3 months old and she's almost 2.5 years old now, so she knows I'm not going to actually hurt her or do something horrible to her. If a cat bit you, it was probably out of fear that you were going to do something bad to it. I wouldn't pick up a cat in the street that I didn't know. I pet them sometimes, but only if they look like they want to be petted. The way I check is by putting my hand out towards them, palm down but with my fingers folded under (otherwise it looks like I'm extending 'claws' to them). If they seem to not mind, I brush my hand against the side of their face. If they close their eyes, I scratch behind their ears and along their spine. I suppose you just have to sound out their character before messing with them. If a cat walks up to you and is aggressive right away, it's either had a really bad day or it has rabies. Of course, there are no rabies in Singapore as far as I know.If I make a mistake, I can usually get my hand back with minimum damage. I've learned to be quick because sometimes my own cats are feisty. Dogs on the other hand… I don't take chances. A dog could rip your arm to shreds. I don't even like messing my dad's dog and he says its harmless, but it's a Siberian Husky…


  2. Yup, and my in-law's dogs drive me nuts with their constant barking, and constantly wanting to jump all over me every time I walk past them.


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