Philippines Superstition: Wash Your Face With Menstrual Blood

The Machine Girl

This is actually a screen capture from a Japanese movie called The Machine Girl.  The superstition isn’t anything quite as cool as having your face splashed by the blood of fallen enemies though.  In fact, it’s not cool at all.  It’s just disgusting.

When girls are going through that special time, when they have their first menstrual cycle, the things we hear about most often are tales of confusion and fear, especially in cases when they weren’t properly educated by their parents.  In the Philippines, perhaps not so much anymore, but not so long ago, there was a superstition that if you took the blood from your first menstrual cycle and washed your face with it, you would be spared the pain of acne during puberty.

How’s that for gross?  I wonder if any guys ever asked a girl if she could spare some ‘virgin’ menstrual blood so he could chase away the acne as well?

16 thoughts on “Philippines Superstition: Wash Your Face With Menstrual Blood”

  1. My face literally glows after I do that. Menstrual blood is filled with stem cells, and contains DMT as well. Perhaps when you are a man, you will be able to honor and respect the incredible power women hold, even if you can’t understand it now.


  2. I don’t believe it though. Mom never mentioned that I should menstrual blood on my face the first time I had my first period. And to be honest even though it’s my own blood it’s totally disgusting! Ewwk!


  3. Nah, it's cool man. I'm just entertained by how bold your comment is. ^_^I wondered the same thing. What would make someone think that would work? But of course, people have believed stranger things in the past…


  4. lol sorry, i just remembered a conversation my gf and I were having about Filipino superstitions not so long ago. She mentioned this menstrual blood to me and I though about why people would even think that would actually work. Then I got to thinking because i read somewhere that acne was sometimes caused by a lack of protein… and i also remember than semen was full of protein back in high school during biology class so i just put two and two together


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