Crazy Guy Busting Crazy Dance Moves in the Streets of Antipolo


One of the things I like about the Philippines is how unrestrained people seem to be, though this is sort of a special case.  There’s a stereo equipment store on a particular street in Antipolo that we walk down regularly and there’s almost always a guy standing in front of the store, in the street, dancing to the music that they play.  This guy isn’t all there upstairs from the way it looks, but he’s having a good time doing what he’s doing, and that’s cool.  At least he’s doing something that makes him happy, and it’s definitely entertaining to watch.


Today, my wife suggested I record him dancing.  She said he’d probably like it, and she was right.  When the guy realized he had not only an audience, but a camera on him, he really went all out.  He seemed incredibly happy to be acknowledged.

Here’s the video:


A fellow spectator.


11 thoughts on “Crazy Guy Busting Crazy Dance Moves in the Streets of Antipolo”

  1. At least it is nice to see a guy – together upstairs or not – who seem to be having a great time with all the crap going on these days


  2. Ah, the naked cowboy! I haven't seen him personally but my mom has mentioned him a few times. I never saw him when I went through there. Death screaming fanatics? You mean the religious nuts that are constantly preaching that this is the end of days?


  3. Not enough space on the sidewalks. That road, especially in that area, is usually packed because the wet market and most of the grocery stores are there. Also, jackasses like to park their vehicles up onto the curb so you have to go out in the road to go around them, plus some people set up canopies and displays that cover the entire sidewalk. There's really no choice but to walk in the road. It seems like everyone has adjusted for it though. You rarely see anyone even come close to getting hit. Traffic moves really slowly. On a busy night though, there are more people in the middle of the street than vehicles.


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