Blueberry Ice Cream Flavored Oreos

When I was out shopping I noticed these ice cream flavored Oreos.  I don’t know if they’re local to Asia or if they’re being sold in the US, but it looked interesting, and kind of weird, so I figured I’d give them a try.

Blueberry Ice Cream Oreo Packaging

When I opened the pack I could smell blueberry right away, but there was also a weird minty smell.

Blueberry Ice Cream Oreo

The inside is definitely a blueberry color.

The taste is something that I couldn’t quite appreciate.  The cookie part is fine.  It tastes like the usual Oreo, but the cream is … weird.  When I bit into it, it had a minty blueberry taste.  It didn’t taste much like ice cream to me.  Suddenly I realized that it tasted like menthol, from a menthol cigarette like a Newport or Marlboro Menthol.  Once I made that connection I had a mental image of eating cigarettes and I couldn’t stomach it anymore.  The rest of the pack went straight to the trash can.

Anyone know if these are being sold elsewhere?  Have you tried them?  What did you think?

21 thoughts on “Blueberry Ice Cream Flavored Oreos”

    1. That’s awesome. To each their own, I guess. I never could quite appreciate their flavor. I think it was mostly because I used to smoke back then and the taste reminded me of menthol.


  1. No, I don’t agree. I find that it tastes absolutely wonderful. You know mint ice-cream, it is cold and in addition it has a cold taste that is the same cold taste in Oreo biscuits.


  2. Hey Bradley, I just stumbled on your post looking the the ingredients to the same flavor of Oreos. I encountered them recently in Thailand, haha. One of my Thai friends told me after I bit into it that it had menthol in it. I guess it’s supposed to make it taste more like ice cream? It is pretty hot here in Thailand, so I can imagine why they like to eat things that are cooler, but it was a little too weird for me too. 😛


    1. I don’t think I took the time to look at the ingredients, or take a picture of them. Too bad. After reading your comment, I’d like to see whether or not it really did have menthol in it.


  3. Yes, the menthol taste is pretty disturbing. I won't say there's nothing like the original, because my favorite is the double-stuff Oreos. Also, be careful. A bum might think you've poisoned him and he might attack you with bum power. That's sort of like old man strength.


  4. I am glad I located this post, as I just crammed 3 of these puppies down before my mouth started tingling. I looked at the ingredients, to see wtf was in these things, and there is no mention of anything remotely tingly. So my mind was wandering to places like 'did someone lace these with coke?', 'am I having an allergic reaction to Brilliant Blue – CI 42090?' and will soon swell up and die a slow and painful death?Anyway, now that I have a new lease on life, I think I'll donate the remainder of the sleeve to a bum.


  5. In a way, I think your sister's logic makes sense, but if that's what they were thinking when they made this flavor, they really missed the mark. Ice cream to me should taste creamy and milky. Good ice cream has high milk and less ice. Anyway, ya they're gross!


  6. My sister bought this at an Asian shop (in Australia). The filling kind of taste like Tiger Balm + Blueberry to me. So I complained to my sister that it taste disgusting. She said the minty thing is supposed to give the ice-cream effect. Aka minty = cold. Don't ask me where she got that theory from… But I noticed that she didn't eat them either.


  7. yups. We have this back in Singapore too. Bought a whole box of it. Didnt really like it.I wonder why blueberry favour tastes minty.


  8. Nice catch. Seems like that's usually the case when it comes to food advertisements. The photos on the menus at Burger King and McDonald's come to mind as perfect examples.


  9. Dude, I love Oreos! But I like them plain. No strawberry cream; no chocolate cream; no blueberry ice cream. Just plain. The double-stuff plain is the best, dunked in cold milk if possible.


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