Maybe Laptop Prices in Singapore Weren’t That Good After All?

A long view down an aisle at a Super Walmart.

My aunt’s mother says that if you can’t find it at Walmart, you don’t need it, and you really could live by that.  A Super Walmart has groceries, clothes, electronics, and even car parts and it’s all sold for low, low, sometimes ridiculously low prices.  I remember when I was younger I didn’t like the idea of shopping at Walmart, but that was back before I was spending my own money on the things I wanted to buy.  Now that everything is coming out of my own pocket, I look for good deals over fancy brand labels.

Something Walmart seems to be doing really well at is their laptop pricing.  Have a look:

Laptop prices at a Super Walmart.


I remember seeing that 278 USD (362 SGD) Acer for sale in Singapore for 600 SGD.  I remember seeing that 298 USD (388 SGD) HP laptop for 800 SGD in Singapore.

Walmart really does have some low prices, and I’m not complaining.

6 thoughts on “Maybe Laptop Prices in Singapore Weren’t That Good After All?”

  1. I didn't see any coffins in the Walmarts we went to, but I remember reading a news article about it. Maybe those are being sold through another set of stores Walmart owns, like Sam's Club.I'm pretty sure you'll love Walmart though. You could spend hours in a Super Walmart browsing and shopping!


  2. i heard they also sell coffins at walmart. well if walmart has everything then that seems like another paradise for me.


  3. I remember lamenting the loss of Amazon when I moved over to Singapore. I kept wishing I could order from it, but even if I could the shipping costs would have ruined any savings. I'm glad you reminded me of that. I think you wrote a post about your computer upgrade, but my browser crashed. I need to get back to it!


  4. I've always bemoaned the rip-off prices (in Italy) for any electronic device. We get GOUGED compare to Walmart, Amazon, or any other online store located stateside. Just paid 499€ for a laptop that I am sure costs at least 25% less back home. Grrrrr….


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