The New York City Fire Department Don’t Play

This morning I accompanied my mom to Times Square Church.  We left late, but hey, that’s what happens when you stay up til 2 AM.  Anyhow, we went out the door at about 10 AM and when we got to 14th street, where we usually catch the bus to Union Square for the train, the road was shut down between Avenues A and B.

FDNY shut down 14th St. between Ave A and B.

Firefighters walking back to their truck.

This may seem like a stupid question until you see the following photos, but I asked one of the firefighters why they were there.  He said there was a fire in the building that one of the trucks’ ladders was up against.  You see, I thought something serious was happening, like a gas leak, a bomb threat, or something that could potentially destroy us all.  The whole street was filled with response vehicles:

The building with the ladder up to it is the culprit.

The whole street between Ave A and B was filled with response vehicles.

To the right of the SUV marked “4” is the bus stop we usually use, and the guy standing there is the one who I asked what was going on.

More response vehicles further down the block.

Fire trucks parked on the street.

More emergency response vehicles.

Smoke rising from the building.

When we first walked by, we couldn’t even tell that the building was burning.  By the time we got to the Avenue A intersection, there was some light smoke rising from the building.

I didn’t see anything about this on the news this evening, but there was a guy recording with a professional camera.  I can’t help but wonder what was going on in that building that required so large a response from emergency services.  Was it overkill, or were they just making sure they brought enough firepower to put down anything they encountered?  I have no idea how things work here in NYC in regards to emergency response since the September 11th, 2001 attack on the World Trade Center, but even my mom seemed surprised and she’s been living here for a long time.

Regardless, it made for an interesting start to the morning, got my blood pumping and helped me from falling asleep in the warm, cozy Times Square Church annex during the sermon, which was actually pretty good.

Oh, and after the service… I enjoyed an unexpectedly 8 dollar kebab wrapped in pita bread.  I think I’d have been better off waiting til I got back downtown to the famous stand on 6th avenue.  I can’t remember the name of it, but I’ll blog about it later.  Lesson learned.  Food prices at the Times Square street fair are steep!

A fancy shishkebab from the Times Square street fair.

10 thoughts on “The New York City Fire Department Don’t Play”

  1. The Kwik Meal cart I was referring to, I believe may have another location(s) but the one on 45th and 6th is the one I usually go to. It's got a green banner and different from the 53rd one Mae mentioned. They're both very good!And here's a site in case you need it – a good guide to cheap eats in Midtown. It does it help:


  2. Ooo! That one's good too. I finally got to try it last week. But you have to look for the guys with the yellow bags though, not the other corner with the white bags (though I hear they're decent as well).


  3. I wonder if that's the same one Zarnyx is talking about? I'll have to get up that way and check it out. The one I usually go to is at 6th avenue and 14th street. It was featured in the paper a few times and was listed as one of the best places to eat in NYC.


  4. Try the Kwik meal cart on 45th and 6th ave. if you haven't already – their lamb over rice is good times. Gotta get white sauce and hot sauce, of course!


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