Crazy People on NYC Trains

Since I returned to NYC, I haven’t had the distinct pleasure of encountering any crazy people on the trains yet, but I haven’t given up hope.  It’s wildly entertaining, as long as they don’t turn violent, and there’s definitely no short supply of weirdos here.

In case you weren’t aware just how crazy they can get, I’ve pulled a few samples from YouTube, for your viewing pleasure:

(Warning: It’s not likely that any of these are suitable to be watched at work or around small children.)

On an early Sunday morning. The girl taking the video was on her way home from the club. At one point, she calls the girl taking the video a whore.
This woman sings a little song about lesbians and “batty boys”.
I think the caption on the video itself says it all.
Sounds like she really doesn’t like her mother, especially her breasts and her ass.
Crazy guy just acting weird.
Guy talking to himself, almost gets hit by the train as it enters the station.

Yup. It seems like this sort of craziness is part of the daily commute.  I’ve seen some weirdos, but not on the train yet.  My favorite was a meth head that was standing still and kept leaning forward until she almost fell over, then jerking back upright, over and over in the middle of the sidewalk near Union Square.  I can’t wait til I have a chance to upload some videos of my own to share!

9 thoughts on “Crazy People on NYC Trains”

  1. Hm. Ya, it's best to not cross the law in a foreign country when possible. I can understand that. There are nutballs everywhere around here. I swear I see one every day.


  2. I've ridden the train in NYC a couple times when I was there for a short trip. There was this crazy guy shouting at random people, I wanted to drop kick him but alas I didn't want to get thrown out of the country. Security eventually dealt with him.


  3. It seems that every time I travel by myself on the subway, there's someone not right in the head to make my commute a little more interesting.The worst was that time these idiots decided to take a piece of paper, add fire to it and drop it on the ground in the train.


  4. I definitely know what you mean. I've gotten a lot of weird looks for some of the stuff I've taken photos of. I suppose the photos it takes are a lot better than what I can get off my cell phone too.


  5. yeah, they're more expensive than that. If you get to see somebody who owns a Flip, or another brand web-camera, using the darn thing, it'll speak for itself how more convenient and handy the thing is to ready and capture spontaneous videos and still photos. Also, the entire process is less obvious if not less intrusive to other's around. For example, it might look sorta odd to bystanders of me taking a pic of an apple in the grocery store. Especially with blogging, we take pics of a wide range and variety of seemingly non important subjects that'll befuddle the uninitiated. But whadda they know, LOL.


  6. I saw an ad for those Flip cameras recently. I was thinking about getting one next month sometime. They seem small and easy to handle. Cheap too. Only 20 bucks I think. I just have to check the image quality.But ya, I wouldn't want them to see me recording either. They'd probably jump on someone for that.


  7. these colorful people are obviously nut cases, but that calls for a bit of stealth recording their antics. I wouldn't stare at them much less want them to be aware that they're being video-ed. I like the Flip style cameras for for things like this. These web cameras are perfect for impromptu moments, taking photos of fruits or vegetables even. Simply, better.


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