New York City Graffiti and Wall Murals – Part 2

Wall mural of black man with fan and robe at 5th Street and Bowery, Manhattan.

This wall mural, located at 5th Street and Bowery, caught my eye right away.  I have no clue what culture the figure is supposed to represent, but it looks like a fusion of African and Asian to me.  The mixed background patterns and colors were a nice touch.  If you look on the left side, there’s a small depiction of a blonde girl, with her hair up in short pig tails.

Here’s a view from the building opposite the mural:

Wall mural at 5th and Bowery, with Cooper Square in the background.

The photo has some blurry looking spots because I took the picture through a window screen.  That’s Cooper Square in the background.

As a bonus, I found this image on a large metal shipping container on the street in front of and to the right of the mural:

An artistic rendering of right wing denial of global warming and climate change.

This is obviously an artistic rendering of the right wing denial of climate change and global warming.  The figure in the image is intentionally covering her eyes to scientific fact.  The way the image has been slightly torn away just makes it more interesting, to me.  Haunting in a way, too, sort of like something you’d find in a post apocalyptic city where denial of science and fact has led to catastrophic disaster.

If you enjoyed this post, keep your eyes out for more.  I’m constantly keeping an eye out for cool images and wall art like this scattered around New York City.

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