People Hanging Out At Union Square

Union Square Park in Manhattan, New York City.

There’s almost always something going on at Union Square, and even when there isn’t, there are still crowds of people there.  The warmer the weather gets, the more people there are.  I imagine quite a few of them are NYU students from the nearby dorms, but there were also people hanging out on the grass, having lunch, reading, or just talking to friends on the benches.

Union Square Park in Manhattan, New York City.

Union Square Park in Manhattan, New York City.

Then, of course, there are tons of people passing through to get to the stores around the Square, and to get to the subway entrances scattered around the area.  Union Square is one of the major subway stations in New York City.

Subway entrance at Union Square, Manhattan, New York City.

I like to walk through the park just to see what kind of people are there.  You never know what you might come across in New York City, after all.

Barnes & Noble at Union Square, Manhattan, New York City.

Three of my favorite stores are situated alongside Union Square: Best Buy, Barnes & Noble and Petco.  I can spend hours just browsing in those stores, especially Barnes & Noble.  Barnes & Noble is like a museum of words.  I could spend a whole weekend just browsing the shelves.  It helps that they have a coffee shop inside (which is a bit expensive, but we can’t have everything right?) and they don’t run around throwing you out if you’ve been hanging around too long.

‘Green’ markets and holiday markets are regularly held in Union Square.  I’m looking forward to finding time to explore one.  I go through there every day, and I’ve seen them quite often, but I’ve never had time to just stop and look.

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