Secret Pigeon Farm in New York City

Secret Pigeon Farm in New York City.

I’m not sure how many times I’ve walked past this and thought I just saw two air conditioning units hanging from windows, which is not an uncommon site.  I even thought that maybe it was just pigeons sitting on a ledge that was part of an air conditioning mount.  So, I zoomed in with my camera, took a photo, and what do you know?  It’s not an air conditioner at all.  It’s a pigeon coop.

Somehow, I doubt this is legal, but what I really want to know is why is it pigeons?  I mean, are they eating them?  Eating pigeon eggs?  And, is this where the next strain of bird flu is going to start?

I just don’t get it.

9 thoughts on “Secret Pigeon Farm in New York City”

  1. Bradley obviously didn’t do his research before posting such an amazing and unique photograph. Pigeons, have been apart of NYC and worldwide culture since before even dogs and chickens! In fact they even played important roles in the first Greek Olympics dating back to 776 BC and so much more including both world wars. “Cher Ami” and “G.I. Joe” are just a two noble pigeons that wind the Dickins Medal that is awarded to animals to honor them for work at war. Pigeons so much in fact that they are the number one animal to receive the Dickins medal 32 times, 14 more times than dogs! Today they are kept as “homing”, “Fancy” or “Performance” pigeons as a hobby. Darwin even based his theory of evolution on pigeons because of the so many different types that have been cultivated by humans over time. More pigeon breeds exist than dogs and cats put together. As for the Bird Flu, pigeons are the least likely to carry this.

    On the other comments:

    RONW: There is an opening. If you notice on the top there silver poles that are connected to blue notches, this is called a “trap” that allows the birds, once they arrive home from being released, to enter butt not get out. I can assure you these guys are well taken care of and free of any parasites and such. Pigeons are NOT rats with wings, maybe the street birds, I can agree, but dogs and cats are more likely to be more dirty than one of these well kept birds.

    “Ronw: And they crap all over everything, which makes me wonder where the crap goes in that set up? There are no holes in the floor.” I was thinking this too, I am guessing that they scrap the bottom with a scrapping tool.

    TheHOchieS: Pigeon soup! Squab is considered a delicacy all over the world, especially in Manhattan! Like at Bouley in Tribeca. Squab is 4 week old pigeon also known as “Squeekers”

    Anyway, would love to know the neighborhood Bradley took this photo, it would be great to talk to the coop keeper and find out more about his/her birds!


    1. Thanks for the info LOM. I don’t do research before every post. Sometimes I just post things that I’m curious or not sure about, and this is one of those times. I get the impression you’re a pigeon hobbyist. Cool! Also, I didn’t realize squab was pigeon. I’ve eaten it before.


  2. TheHOchieS: There's a foul thought. I see pigeons all over the city and none of them look healthy enough to eat. Hopefully these are farm raised or something.


  3. I enlarged the photo, and I don't see any opening. Must be taking care of those pigeons. Other than that, pigeons are rats with wings.


  4. I'm not going to rat them out. I don't think anyone I called would believe it anyway.But… what if they start a new strain of a bird flu that kills people? Scary.


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