Trail of Faces and a Chalk Dust Flower

There were plenty of people at Union Square yesterday with tables set up, trying to make a buck off of their artwork.  Two artists were using a method of making art that you can’t really buy and take home, though.  One guy was making a trail of faces on the pavement and another made a flower pattern out of chalk dust.

Felix Morelo, drawing a Trail of Faces.
Felix Morelo, drawing a Trail of Faces.

I had seen Felix Morelo’s artwork before, last Fall I think.  I’d almost forgotten about it and I don’t know why I didn’t take any photos of the faces, because the work he did then was a lot better than what I saw yesterday.

What he does is he gets himself a bag of chalk and a crate to sit on.  He draws a face, moves back, draws another face, etc. etc.  What he winds up with is a Trail of Faces, with each face a bit different from the others.  It doesn’t sound like much, until you look down the long line of faces and realize the sheer quantity of his work.  Quantity isn’t the same as quality, but overall I think it was worthwhile to stop and admire.

Right next to the Trail of Faces I saw a flower design made out of chalk dust.  I don’t know the story behind this.  I’d never seen it before, but there was a pail sitting nearby for money donations.  The bags on the ground around the design are full of chalk dust of different colors.

It’s nice to see something going on in the park.  After a quick burst of activity in the Spring, things have really died off, but I’m not really surprised.  It’s getting hot out there!

3 thoughts on “Trail of Faces and a Chalk Dust Flower”

  1. Ron: Every 20 faces he seems to write down the number and his name, I guess so people who come across the line in the middle somewhere will know who did it. The title reminds me of Hindu gods, who have many faces for the same deity.


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