North American Petroglyph Graffiti in New York City

On Thursday, my wife and I were walking downtown and, mixed in with advertisements, I saw this graffiti on the barrier walling off an empty lot. The first thing I thought of when I saw the images were the animal paintings in the cave at Lascaux, France. Those are some of the oldest cave art images in the world. I remember reading about them in an Art History course I took a few years ago. But, when I saw the humanoid figures, I was more reminded of the style of North American Petroglyphs, which I’d seen in… ::cough, cough:: … Ancient Alien History channel specials, with that white guy with the crazy, curly looking hair:

Ancient aliens guy with curly hair that says everything is because of aliens.

Anyway, I like most of the graffiti I see anyway, but I especially appreciated the attempt of the person who did this to present something historical. I wonder if aliens painted this graffiti, in an attempt to remind us of the eternal truths of the petroglyphs in the southwest United States?




This graffiti is located on Varick Street, between Watts Street and Broome Street:

2 thoughts on “North American Petroglyph Graffiti in New York City”

  1. its a nice change to see such graffiti … over the usual penis and breasts that are ubiquitous in nyc


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