I love you more than tuna

Thumper taking a nap

Today is the two-year anniversary of the passing of our favorite cat, Thumper. I picked up a copy of this book a few months ago and hid it on top of the bookshelf. This evening, I pulled it down and my wife and I read it together. Even after two years, it’s hard to comprehend that she’s gone, and the world still managed to spin around the sun two times without her being here with us.

The book is excellent. Not all cats are the same, but somehow, the stuff in this book was about 95% on point, and it brought back a lot of good and sad memories.

Thank you, to the author and illustrator.

I’m grateful for the time we had together, but I wish she was still around.

2 thoughts on “I love you more than tuna”

  1. I’m sorry to hear about Thumper; I remember you mentioning so many blog posts before.

    Good to see that you and your wife are doing well, considering all things newsworthy these days. We live in such crazy tmes, so it’s really nice to hear a friendly voice from the past.

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    1. Hi there! I was also happy to see that you’re still doing well.

      The last few years have been pretty crazy, yeah, especially in Italy and the New York City with the pandemic and the lockdowns.

      I’m honestly kind of burned out on keeping up with the situation now. I’ve been turning to long read blogs, audiobooks, and podcasts to try to find something more inspirational and balancing to invest myself into.

      Thank you, regarding Thumper. That cat was really special. It’s still hard to think about having lost her.


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