Dinner out at Hummus Place

The interior of the restaurant was comfortable and there was a small outdoor dining section next to the brownstone’s stairs.
Hummus, baba ganoush, and shakshuka with pita bread

This was in 2013 at the 9th Street location near Tompkins Square park in Lower Manhattan that no longer exists, which is a shame. It was a great place to get tasty, reasonably priced Middle Eastern food with fast access to a park to relax afterwards. I liked the vibes in that area as well. There are other locations, but the neighborhoods seem busier and less friendly.

The 9th street location closed quite a few years ago now and we also haven’t visited the neighborhood to eat out regularly in years. It seems like most of the places we enjoyed going to down there have closed or the quality has gone down and we’ve lost interest. I guess everything changes.

Still, it’d be nice to live in that area again.


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