Birds in my Bedroom

Despite the fact that there are gates and unscreened windows in the house, we haven’t seen too many random animals inside, other than the occasional cat rapist.  Last night, it was pouring rain outside.  We opened the back door to our bedroom, which opens onto a veranda, so we could bring in the laundry before it was ruined.  I saw a black shadow shoot across the ceiling and when I finally spotted it, I was surprised.

There was a bird sitting on the curtain rod…


Naturally, our cats started to go insane trying to catch the bird and as soon as I got a good photo of it we used a broom to shoo it back out the door before our bedroom was wrecked.  I guess it was scared of the storm outside but it definitely wasn’t sleeping in our bedroom with us overnight.  Luckily none of the cats chased him off into the neighborhood before we got the door closed!

A Twitter Anniversary Card

My wife and I recently had an anniversary and we got a card in the mail from my dad.  When I pulled it out of the envelope, the first thing I thought of was Twitter.  Maybe I’m using Twitter too much, but this card looks oddly similar to the Twitter bird, and to one of the default background designs you can choose for your Twitter home page.

If you’re curious, the card is made by Hallmark, but I wasn’t able to find the design on the Hallmark website.