The 51st Celebrate Israel Day Parade

Unveiling Christmas Window Displays (Bloomingdales)

Rolling out the red carpet at Bloomingdales.

I happened to be up by Bloomingdales today and they were literally rolling out the red carpet.

Red curtains covering the windows at Bloomingdales.

They also had red curtains covering the windows.

I remembered hearing something on the news about Christmas displays being revealed at another store and they made it come across as a big deal.  I’m surprised that in a city like New York, something as trivial as the unveiling of Christmas window displays is newsworthy.  Of course, since it is such a big deal, I’m curious to know what’s behind those curtains myself.  I suppose I’ll see the next time I pass through.

Some people aren’t quite as patient as I am though.  There was some guy walking back and forth.  I thought he was talking to himself at first but then I realized he was holding what looked like one of those Flip video cameras.  Maybe he was using UStream or something, or just recording.  I don’t know.  Anyway, he tried to get in behind the curtain and got shooed away.  He was laughing about it into the camera, saying he got busted trying to peek in.  Later, I swear I saw the same guy on the TMZ segment on Fox 5.  The guy I saw on the street looked just like the chubby white guy on the show.  Could be coincidence.  Who knows?