Are You Building a Bomb???

A few days ago my wife and I came home and we walked in on the maid sitting on the floor in the kitchen.  In front of her was this pile of wiring, a bunch of tools, and some electronic devices in various states of disassembly.

For a moment I wondered if she was in the process of building a bomb, but then I realized what she was up to.  She was stripping all of the copper out.

I’ve known people that have done this before.  It only takes a while and when you have enough copper you take it to the local recycling factory and they’ll pay you for it.  Same with aluminum, steel, iron, etc.

I’m not sure where you would take something like this in Singapore and I didn’t ask, but it’s not a bad idea really.  Times are tough and when you think about it, why should you throw away money?  Well, not money, but you can use it to get money.