Do you like cats? Do you like Japan and anime? Check this out!

I just stumbled across this trailer for an anime called The Cat Returns, from Studio Ghibli.  They always put out quality stuff, so this should be a lot of fun to watch, especially for my wife who loves cats much more than I do.  ^_^

The Cat Returns Trailer

Speaking of cats, I just started looking into the convoluted process of transporting my cats from Manila to New York City in the US via Singapore Airlines.  In some ways it looks like it’s going to be even easier than getting them from Singapore to the Philippines.  The US doesn’t require a lot of documentation to import them and the Philippines doesn’t require too much documentation to export them.  The Assistant Animal Transport Office at Frankfurt’s international airport assured me that all they need are their vaccination records and health certificate to be transported through Germany on the layover there.  The trouble seems to be Singapore, though I’m not entirely sure yet what all paperwork I’ll need.

I’ll go into that more later!