The US is Broke, So Let’s Give Away More Money!

The Obama administration plans to give the Libyan opposition $25 million in non-lethal assistance in the first direct U.S. aid to the rebels after weeks of assessing their capabilities and intentions, officials said Wednesday.

via Yahoo! News, via AP

Really?  Last I heard schools in the United States were being shut down left and right due to budget constraints.  Teachers are being laid off by the dozens.  Unemployment is massive.  Our infrastructure is falling behind in comparison to other first world countries to the point that we’re almost at par with places we consider third world countries.  Our deficit is 14 trillion dollars.  We’re about to hit our borrowing cap and they’re talking about raising it so we can put ourselves even more in debt.  Pretty soon, Americans won’t own America anymore.  Our credit rating is plummeting as a nation.  They’re talking about cutting our social welfare programs that benefit American citizens who have (mostly) paid into the system.  Companies from other countries are outsourcing to the US because we’re now the cheap labor force.

So, in other words, our country is falling apart around us.  Almost every government agency in the country is in a crunch for money.  We’re borrowing 40 cents on the dollar from other countries.  So, what’s our best option?  Pissing away money on other country’s problems.  Giving money to Libyan Rebels that, more than likely, will be our enemies in 10 years, is a much better option than giving 25 million back to Social Security, or using it to keep schools open, or sending it to soup kitchens to feed the hungry and homeless here in the United States.  I know what it is.  Obama knows he’s not getting reelected, so he doesn’t give a shit about the people that elected him anymore.  He’s going to screw our country up as much as possible before he gets out of office.  Good job, dude.

Isn’t it past time we stop worrying about other people’s problems?  I think so.  The 7k+ comments on the news article I read were overwhelmingly negative, so I know I’m not alone in thinking that the American people deserve to have our money spent here at home.  Who the hell appointed us as the world’s police anyway?  Those other countries don’t want us meddling in their affairs.  The fact that they’re saying it and blowing our shit up should be enough of an indicator for anyone with half a brain to realize they don’t want us there.  So, why do we keep giving them money and keep interfering militarily in their affairs?

I’m not saying we should become strictly isolationist again, but I think we should pull back from world affairs, stop borrowing, stop spending on international problems, and focus on our own country’s problems.  I like how people try to claim that foreign aid is only a small portion of our budget, but even a small portion of the US’s budget is a huge amount of money that could be redirected to domestic programs.  Then you have to wonder how much better our country would be if the billions upon billions of dollars wasted on wars had been spent in improving our national infrastructure and education systems.

How can we help our neighbors fix their houses when our own home is burning to the ground?