Four Packages of Free Archway Cookies

I’m one of those people that’s terribly unlucky when it comes to games of chance like the lotto or drawings for giveaways.  So, I was really skeptical, but hopeful, when an Archway rep responded to my earlier post about Archway cookies.  I mean, you never know who you’re talking to on the Internet right?  I was sort of thinking it might be a scam.  The PR rep said she was delighted to hear about my love for Archway cookies and offered to send me some.

A Fedex delivery of free Archway cookies.

Within a few days of responding to her email, not one, but four packages of cookies arrived in a Fed-Ex box.  Three of them are new flavors, and I’m very much looking forward to cracking them open and trying them (still eating through the ones I bought before!).  After oatmeal, peanut butter cookies are probably my second favorite, and there was a package of them in the box.  If Archway made them as good as the oatmeal cookies, they should be awesome!

Thanks again Archway!  You’ll always have a place in my cookie jar.

Archway Responded To My Blog Post With An Offer of Cookies

On Friday, I came across packages of Archway cookies in the A&P on 14th street.  I’d heard they were out of business and had given up on ever having my favorite oatmeal cookies again, so I was really excited to see them up for sale.  I was so excited that I wrote a blog post about it that happened to get the attention of one of the people in their PR department:


My name is Katey Clark and I work for the PR agency of record for Archway cookies. I found your blog entry from last week and just wanted to write to say hello!

Archway has been back on store shelves since December 2009, and just last month came out with three new varieties, Shortbread, Triple Chocolate and Peanut Butter. After a vote on Facebook last week, it was almost determined that our Rocky Road cookie would come back for a limited time in 2012! (Frosty Orange was a very close second place, so we hope to bring that back for a limited time as well).

We’d love to send you a few trays of cookies to try out! Find us on Facebook at:

Have a good rest of your weekend!


katey clark
public relations account executive

p:  410.234.2531
m: 330.730.8407

I obviously took them up on their offer of free cookies.  Who wouldn’t?  I didn’t specify any flavor in particular, so it’ll be a surprise.  It’s really neat to see Archway taking an active interest in user feedback via blogs and rewarding that feedback with gifts of the cookies that Archway fans love.

I’ll update again when they arrive! =)

Archway Cookies Are Back!

Iced Oatmeal and Dutch Cocoa Archway cookies.

I don’t remember the first time I had Archway cookies, but I really really love the plain oatmeal flavored ones.  They were, and probably still are, my dad’s favorite cookies too.  That’s how I first tried them.  Sometime after getting back to the US last year, I found out that Archway had gone out of business and I was really upset by it.  It sounds ridiculous to get upset over cookies, but they’re just that good!

I searched around to see if any stores still had packages of the plain oatmeal cookies in stock, but I didn’t have any luck.  Today on my way home I stopped in A&P on 14th street and saw Archway cookies on the shelf.  They didn’t have plain oatmeal, so I got the ones pictured above instead.  On the way out, I stopped to talk to the store manager and he told me that Weiz had bought them and was distributing the cookies again.  I asked him if he could get in some of the plain oatmeal cookies and he said he would talk to the distributor about getting some.

Life just got better.