Elmo and Cookie Monster at Radio City Music Hall

Elmo and Cookie Monster at Radio City Music Hall.

I don’t remember ever liking Sesame Street when I was growing up.  Maybe I did and I just don’t remember anymore.  Regardless, Elmo and Cookie Monster are still in hot demand, despite Sesame Street being 41 years old.  That’s right!  It originally debuted on November 10th, 1969.  So, some of these cute fuzzy guys are older than a lot of people’s parents are now.  That’s something interesting to consider while watching the show.

Sesame Street is popular all over the world.  My wife told me that when she was growing up, Sesame Street was how she first started to learn English.  So, I guess I have to say thanks to Sesame Street for that, at least.  When I showed the above picture to her, she showed me a photo she took in Singapore a few years ago, with Cookie Monster and Elmo hanging out at an N.Y.D.C. Café & Restaurant:

Cookie Monster and Elmo at an N.Y.D.C. Cafe & Restaurant in Singapore.

And it seems that Elmo has a special friend in the Philippines as well:

Elmo and our cat Thumper, hanging out in the Philippines.

That photo wasn’t staged.  Thumper likes to hug Elmo while she lounges on the bed and sleeps next to him sometimes.

They sure do get around don’t they?