Weird Emails–One of the Risks of Blogging

I meant to post this quite a while ago, but I kept getting distracted with school work and other things to blog about.  Back on the 11th of February, I wrote a post that was inspired by something we were discussing in my anthropology class, a possible connection between the ancient Egyptians and the Olmecs in Central America, as evidenced by similarities in their cultures.  On the 15th of March, someone left a comment on the blog post.  In the comment, it said to not reveal his information, which was in the comment, on my blog, so I deleted the comment.  Shortly after that I received an email through the blog’s email address, which is listed on the contact page.  This is what it said:

Weird email.

Dear Brad

  I was doing research on Olmec and seen your site and Sertima info. The only reason I am contacting you is that it will take young educated people like you to consider all the archeology Facts to reveal the Truth of ancient History to the world.

  I have been collecting artifacts for about 7yrs that will show absolute artifact Proof that the Egyptians and Olmecs have the same origins from a much older ancient advanced civilization that existed before Pangea when the continents were one Super continent. I know this sounds far fetched but please keep a open mind. The discovery I have made has been suppressed ignored and covered up by the authorities so for at least 3 yrs I have not contacted authorities or updated my site because they refused so many times to not examine NOT ONE ARTIFACT. They just say they are not artifacts!  I am sure of a cover up. So I have collected for the last 3 yrs in secret have and have learned incredible facts of the ancients.

  I did not know how to contact you except through your comment site! will you please take my contact to you off your site before someone acts as you to contact me.

  To make a long story short if you want to see some of the artifacts I have a old site and my opinions but a lot has changed since then. If you are interested contact me Michael Ellis  xxxx@xxxxxxx  I have far more than you will see on the website.


Michael Ellis

This email is just weird on so many levels, the biggest one being the credibility of someone who would approach a subject this way (emails to random students who have no real say in the field concerned).  If his work were truly credible, it wouldn’t be getting ignored by these mysterious “authorities” in the first place.  If there’s anything I’ve learned from the anthropology class I’m taking, it’s that damn near any theory is entertained, with sufficient evidence, until proven invalid.  Besides that, if someone is doing this sort of research, which has to involve a lot of archaeological expertise, then you’d think they’d have enough computer sense to know the difference between a comment form and an email.  Not to mention that the level of education required would require someone to have a better command of grammar, punctuation and spelling.  The overall effect is that this person comes across as paranoid and delusional.

Also, I just wanted to point out that when the continents were one “Super continent” it was called “Pangea”, so it doesn’t make sense to say “before Pangea when the continents were one Super continent” because they both mean the same thing.