Example of Figure Photography in Singapore

One subculture of Japan is people who have a serious fascination with figurines.  I’m not talking about the Precious Moments porcelain figures your grandma keeps in her cupboard either.  I’m talking about anime or manga related figurines.  These collectors sometimes go above and beyond simply filling shelves with their favorite figurines.  They sometimes take a figurine with them wherever they go and take photos of it along with the background scenery.  That’s some hardcore fandom right there!

There are a lot of anime and manga fans all over the world.  There are even people that collect wall scrolls and figures.  I’d sort of expected this particular hobby to be a Japan-only thing, for fear of being socially ostracized.  I was wrong!  I saw a group of young guys sitting next to the dome covering the Orchard MRT entrance in front of Ion with cameras and figurines out.  They were busy positioning their figurines in the perfect poses while taking photos of them against the backdrop of the Christmas shopping crowds, the lights and the mall.

Anime Figure

Well, I enjoy anime and manga, to some extent, but this is a bit over the line for me.  Still, can’t help but respect their boldness for not caring what other people think and enjoying their hobby.

Anime Figure


The guy was nice enough to let me take these photos of his figurine.  Does anyone know what anime or manga this character is from?

If you’re into this sort of thing and want to find more about it, the biggest sites I can think of off the top of my head are Dannychoo.com and also his site specifically for figures, Figure.fm.  I didn’t see anything specifically about figure photography in Singapore, but you might try this site: Singapore Anime News Network.  The link goes to their forum section.