Ajisen Ramen @ Tampines Mall

Yesterday afternoon was a little cool out, surprisingly considering Singapore’s typical weather this time of year, so my wife and I were both in the mood for something soupy.  Typically, that means a trip to Manpuku for their Aoba Hokkaido Ramen, but our last visit was a little less than appealing, so we decided to try something new.  There’s a restaurant on the top floor of Tampines Mall called Ajisen that serves ramen.  We’d been by there quite a few times because we typically go to the outlet of Pastamania! that’s right next to it, or passed by it to go to the movies when we lived in Tampines. We’d glanced over the menu a few times but never given it a try, so we figured it was the perfect opportunity to give a new (to us) restaurant a chance.

My wife ordered the cha shu ramen, to compare it with what we normally get at Manpuku.  I decided to be a little adventurous and went with the scallop ramen.  The ramen came as a set, so for our set items we ordered the cuttlefish and California maki.  We also ordered a side of dumplings, again for comparison with what we usually got at Manpuku.

The meal as a whole wasn’t that bad at all.  The taste was good and it was well worth what we paid for it, which totalled 37 SGD for the two of us.  We got quite a bit of food for that amount.  It wasn’t a meal that wowed us, and I doubt I’ll be pressuring my wife to go back anytime soon, but it’s a decent meal and a suitable lunch destination.

What really appealed to me about the place was the pleasant appearance of the restaurant and the good service the staff provided.  When we initially entered the restaurant we were immediately greeted and seated.  When we asked to be moved to a booth, which was more comfortable than where we were initially placed, the staff was more than happy to oblige us.  Our servers were very polite, casual and friendly and they always had a smile on their faces.  It was a very pleasant experience.

Later, when we got home, I checked HungryGoWhere, a review site for Singapore’s restaurants, and saw that quite a few people had complained about bad service on the part of the staff.  I didn’t see it, at all.  Perhaps the manager had been reading the reviews there and gave the staff some training, because they did a great job for us.  That, more than anything else, would encourage me to want to go back.  Nothing makes a meal more enjoyable than proper service from the staff.

So, if you’re in Tampines Mall and you’re looking for a nice ramen meal, Ajisen is a decent place to go.

Aoba Ramen

Manpuku at Tampines 1 has a stall called Aoba Ramen (I think) that sells some really kick-ass dishes.  I hadn’t noticed it before, probably because I always associate ramen with that cheap, instant stuff I’m used to seeing in grocery stores.  After reading some blogs about Japan though, I stopped to give it serious consideration and decided to try it out.

My wife and I both fixated on the shoyu ramen that had pieces of pork set on top of it.  It was a great choice!  I didn’t have my camera on me so I snapped some photos with my iPhone.

Aoba Ramen

We also got a side order of gyoza with our ramen.  I think there was a discounted price that day so we decided to give them a try.  They were also very good.

Aoba Ramen 2

We finished the meal off by trying the green tea ice cream, which was listed as ‘macha’ ice cream.  It has a unique taste and is pretty good.  I think the taste would get old if I ate it too often.  It can also play games with your stomach, so be careful of that.

Aoba Ramen 3

Looking at the picture of the ramen, blurry as it is, makes me hungry.  I think I’ll try to convince my wife that we should go back there soon.