LaGuardia Airport Vultures

Annoying sales people in LaGuardia Airport, New York City.

Just look at those sneaky bastards, over there in their red shirts, with their kiosk set up along the only way to the departure gates.  You just can’t get to your gate, or to the baggage claim, without going past these guys.  As you walk past, they try to rope you in by calling out, “Hi!  Are you flying on Delta today!?”  I took one quick glance and then kept moving, the preferred method of dealing with people trying to sell something.

Later, as I sat at departure gate 1, I saw a few people stop momentarily, probably confused about why they were being asked about their flight carrier.  They quickly moved on, though, once they found out what it was all about.  As you can see from the picture, they were trying to get people to sign up for credit cards with Sky Mile bonuses, but who the hell needs another credit card these days?

What I really want to know is what Delta was thinking.  Flying is stressful enough without being bothered by people who are trying to solicit credit card sign ups.

My overall trip to Georgia on Delta was fairly pleasant.  We got the standard drink and snack, which is all I expected.  There was something on the TV, but we weren’t given headphones, unless they were passed out while I was asleep.  That’s how I spent most of the flight.  Hell, I even slept through take-off.  I didn’t get much sleep the night before.

This trip to Georgia has been interesting so far.  It’s nice to see wide open spaces, blue skies and giant Wal Marts.