MNG (by Mango) Now At JCPenney Department Store

Now, I don’t really care all that much about ‘high fashion’ or brands, but this caught my eye because the first time I’d ever heard of Mango, or it’s MNG line of clothes, was in Singapore, where it’s apparently very desirable.  Singapore in general is very fashion conscious and the malls are filled with high end boutiques.

MNG (by Mango) is now available at JCPenney

I developed a particular distaste for Mango, not because of how the clothes look (I’ve never even been in the store, but the stuff in the online JCPenney catalog looks nice), but because we lived with a roommate during our first year in Singapore that talked about the brand non-stop.  I’m sure you know the type of person I’m talking about.  She wasn’t happy unless she was telling you about how great and fashionable Mango (or some other brand) is, and about how many items she has, like I gave a damn.  It got to the point that when we’d pass a Mango store in the mall, either myself or my wife would say, “Look! It’s Mango!”  The reply would usually be, “Fuck Mango.”  Like I said, not because the brand is necessarily bad, but because we were tired of hearing about it and associated it with a bitch we didn’t like.


Anyway, in Singapore, and I presume other parts of Asia, Mango is a very desirable brand.  If you have Mango stuff, you’re cool.  I suppose that’s just not the case in the US, though.  Maybe it just never caught on the same way it did in Singapore?  Mango has a few stores here and there in NYC and on the West Coast, but I just don’t get that same ‘exclusive’ feel that I did before, knowing that Mango is carried at department store now.

Regardless, if you’re from Asia and you were wondering how to get Mango clothes in the US, you can get it from your nearest JCPenney now, or just order directly from the JCPenney online catalog.

(Note: This post is not sponsored by Mango in any way.)