Secret Chinese Medicine For Fevers

Growing up, I would watch Kung Fu movies and there would always be some secret technique, or Eastern magic that would save the day. I was fascinated by it, but as I grew older I realized that there was nothing really magic about what was being done (pressure points). Well, either that or it was just made up for the movies.

Anyhow, just like with anywhere, there are some family secrets that get passed down and passed along. I came across one of these family ‘secrets’ a few days ago when a lady I know was preparing a treatment for her son, who had a high fever at the time.

At first I thought she was about to cook something, because what she pulled out was one raw egg and some glutinous rice flour. When she explained that it was for reducing a fever, I was still under the assumption that it would be consumed. So I asked her, “Will your son eat it?”

She laughed, but went on to explain that it’s used to roll over the fevered body, and that the mix will “pull the heat out” and reduce the fever.

I took some photos of the preparation process, which she thought was really amusing.

This is where she cracked the top off the egg and started pouring it onto the flour she had put on the plate.

At this point, she got a cup with some water and then slowly mixed this all together by hand, until it became a … thing… that looked sort of like dough, and sort of like colorless Play-Doh.

And, this is our end result:

She took this and rolled it out, so it had a shape similar to a rolling pin. She then took it and rolled it across the boy’s chest. She said that as you roll it across the chest it will change from cool to hot, as it absorbs the heat. Then you let it cool and repeat.

So, ya sorry. No strange incense made from snake blood and mountain moss that turned blue under a full moon. Just egg, rice flour and water.

If you’re really adventurous, and try this out, let me know. If you’re even more adventurous, let me know if you were able to successfully turn this into a food product afterwards.

(Just kidding. Don’t eat this. It’ll have sweat from a sick person mixed in! Ya, some people have to be warned.)

Cats Hate Ear Drops

Like I mentioned in the last post, having cats can be incredibly expensive, especially if they get sick or hurt and start incurring medical bills.  So, you have to be careful about how many you adopt, even if you want to take in every single one you see on the street.  As great as it sounds, you could fast find your wallet empty.  We do our best to take care the cats we have now.  It’s hard not to want to make sure they’re in perfect health when they’re this cute:

The newest affliction to hit my cats is a case of ear mites or ear fungus or something.  I’m not entirely sure, but I know it must have come into the house with Sushi.  That’s one of the bad things about bringing in strays.  You have to give everyone a flea and tick bath (unless you’re using Frontline or a similar product on your other pets) and then you have to fix everything that’s wrong with him or her.  Sushi has a bad cough, which has already cost us around 200 bucks in medications.  Now I find that all of my cats are scratching at their ears.

I didn’t really notice it until Thumper started going nuts and scratching at her right ear for an excessively long time.  When I checked, she had scratched her skin raw and was even bleeding.  So, I broke out the ear drops.  Applying the ear drops was a bit harder than I expected.  Thumper kept trying to get away.  Luckily, she’s still small and easy to control.  It’s not that hard squirting it in, but keeping them from shaking their heads long enough for me to massage the base of the ear to work it in was a pain in the ass, to be honest.  Sushi, who probably needs it the most, was the hardest to deal with.  She’s bigger, stronger, and, unlike Thumper, not afraid to use her claws.  I wound up having to practically sit on her and squish her between my legs to keep her in position for the application and massaging.

Neither cat was happy about it, but Thumper was especially pissed.  She kept her ears lowered for hours afterwards:

By the way, all three cats love that red bed, but Thumper has more or less staked her claim on it.