Man Jumps Over Six Women in Union Square, Manhattan

Crowd at Union Square, Manhattan, New York City.

I went up to the Metropolitan Museum of Art again today.  I’ll blog about that later.  For now, I want to show you what was going on at Union Square that cost me some of my museum time.  Like I keep saying, there’s always something going on there and when I was passing through, I saw a huge crowd gathered by the entrance to the subway, so I stopped to check it out.

Man in a leopard outfit jumping over a girl in Union Square.

This colorfully dressed guy had just jumped over the girl that’s standing behind him there, in the center of the open area.  I took this photo right as he was landing, though I meant for it to be him in the air over her.  This wasn’t impressive enough, so he decided to give us an even bigger show, which I recorded:

I was impressed.  I half expected him to land on the last girl, turning this otherwise exciting performance into a tragedy.  There are very few places in New York City that you can go without seeing some sort of live performance by a regular person looking to make some extra cash.  Some are bad, but some, like this one, are pretty damn good and worth the time to watch.  I try to keep some change in my pocket for when I see stuff like this, or when someone is playing music (on an instrument, not from a boombox) in the subway and it sounds good.