Final Thoughts on Phuket

Overall, Phuket was one of the more interesting vacations we’ve taken.  The sights, the sounds, the food!  It was all great!  Also, despite the foul weather, it was relaxing, because all of our worries were, quite literally, hundreds of miles away.

We’re looking forward to being able to go back in the future, hopefully to take advantage of other attractions like the Thai International Boxing, the Phi Phi Island tour, and elephant riding.  (Hopefully with more sunshine than we saw this time too).

The last thing I’d like to touch on is that the attitude of the locals is great.  In a lot of countries I’ve been to in Asia, everything feels forced, or business as usual, even in tourist areas.  Phuket as a whole had a more service-oriented atmosphere, and with good reason, since the economy there relies on tourism.

Here are a few examples of that great attitude:

    Our taxi driver from the airport to Patong Beach had trouble finding the guesthouse we stayed in, but he didn’t charge us extra.  He also gave us his card and agreed to drive back to Patong Beach (45 minutes from the airport) to pick us up when we were ready to leave.
    The owner of the guesthouse we staid in (Som Guesthouse) booked tickets for us to the Simon Cabaret and provided the transportation, all for 100 baht less than the cheapest seats you would pay for at the counter.  Also, the owners of the guesthouse were very friendly and accommodating.  When it came time for us to book our taxi ride back to the airport, the lady used her personal mobile phone to make the call and arrange it for us.
    When we were done eating breakfast at Nicky’s Handlebar on the third day, the waiter went out and flagged down a ride for us, so we wouldn’t have to stand in the rain and do it ourselves.
    The people in general are approachable and not opposed to having a conversation.

Don’t assume that all of the locals are being extra friendly, because some will be trying to rip you off, but overall they want to project a good image, so you’ll tell your friends and also come back yourself.