Dueling Shamisens

I just came across a post on Tokyo Mango about the Yoshida Brothers, a pair of actual brothers in their early 30s who play their shamisens (basically a Japanese guitar) in a duo.  They’re from Hokkaido but they’re pretty popular in the US and are currently doing a tour that will end in San Francisco and LA this week.

The post included a video, which I watched and enjoyed:

The first thing that came to mind when they started playing was Dueling Banjos.  I’m sure pretty much everyone is familiar with this famous scene from Deliverance.  If you’re not, the film is kinda boring overall, but the few parts that are … exciting… will more than make up for it.  It’s a classic.  Check it out and you’ll finally know why everyone talks about having ‘purty lips’ and squealing like a pig.