People Who Put Their Shoes on the Seats in Trains and Buses

A woman with her boots on the seat of the train.
A woman with her boots on the seat of the train.

I really don’t get why people do this. Do they think it’s cute? Or do they just not care that other people will want to sit on the seats without getting filth from the streets on their clothing? I’m guessing both.

This was one of four times I saw someone do this in a single day. Another time, a guy was standing in front of the seats with his friends, holding the overhead rail when he put his right boot up on the seat. What if he stepped in dog crap? What if that got on the seat and someone else sat on it? How can people be so self-centered?

People scream their conversations at each other in the buses and trains, disrupting everyone around them. They drop their trash on the floor. They purposely put wads of garbage in the train doors to jam them and prevent the trains from moving. People play their music loudly on speakers instead of using earphones or headphones. They spit on the floor in elevators and stand at the top or bottom of stairs blocking the flow of pedestrian traffic.

Apparently no one else matters. Other people are just background noise to the story of their life, props to be ignored except when useful.

Maybe our society preaches individualism too often and needs to shift to promoting social responsibility and being good to one’s neighbors.