New Safety Doors on Singapore’s Above-ground MRT Stations (Part 2)

In the last post I basically just mentioned what the news mentioned.  There are new “half-height” safety doors being installed on all 36 above-ground MRT stations in Singapore.  That article also mentioned that they had started their project with the Pasir Ris MRT station and it said they had already been installed there.

Well, that was only partially true.  One side was done.  The other wasn’t.  I’ve included above a photo I took so you can have a better look at them.  I don’t think they’re doing much to block overall ventilation of the area.  That’s why they’re called half-height screens.  You can see the openings beyond and they’re quite large.  Still, any reduction in ventilation in Singapore is a problem, because it’s so hot.

Maybe they should just fully enclose it and install air conditioners?  I bet no one would complain then!  I certainly wouldn’t!

By the way, in the above photo you can see the often mentioned lines on the floor showing people how to properly wait to board the train.  Even though it’s there in yellow lines, sometimes people stand right in front of the doors and then force their way into the train.  I saw this happen today in fact.  A rather portly woman (or in other words fat) nearly knocked over this poor skinny girl that was alighting from the train.  You should have seen the nasty look she gave the back of that chubby girl’s head.