Almost Time For Chinese New Year’s

If you don’t know, Chinese New Year’s is going to fall on February 14th this year.  That’s right!  Right on Valentine’s Day!  So, now you can spend the day on a date with your significant other and then spend the night celebrating at the parade.

Also, if you don’t keep up with the Chinese year’s and what animals represent them, this lunar year will be the Year of the Tiger.  If you’re in the US and there’s no Chinatown close by, just eat some cornflakes and share a smile with Tony the Tiger to celebrate.

Chinese New Year’s Decorations are already on sale:

Chinese New Year Decorations

3 thoughts on “Almost Time For Chinese New Year’s”

  1. Someone once showed me a photo of some Mexican food they ate here in Singapore that looked like an Americanized version of Mexican food. I can't remember where they said it was or what it's called.As for authentic I doubt it. I lived in the US on the border of Mexico, literally within sight of it, for two years. I had some GOOD Mexican food there in El Paso that I haven't found anywhere else.Still, I wouldn't mind having a burrito right now, Americanized or not. I'll try to look that place up and I I can find it I'll let you know.


  2. hey bradtony the tiger and frosties…hahah 🙂 just to digress a little, during your time here in sporeland…..have you come across any authentic Mexican food? (by authentic, this means EXCLUDING margaritas, cafe iguana, cha cha cha)Thanks! :”)


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