Tapa King in Singapore

Tapa King Banner

Tapa King is a restaurant that serves a popular Filipino dish called tapsilog.  The restaurant is very popular in the Philippines and has finally opened branches here in Singapore at Lau Pa Sat (same place as where the only Wendy’s in Singapore is) and one at Century Square in Tampines.  There may be other branches but those are the only two I’m aware of.

Anyhow, my wife found out about it because of a person handing out flyers by the Tampines MRT station.  She was a little disappointed at first but then realized she should check the food court.  It wouldn’t make sense for them to hand out flyers there otherwise.  Sure enough, Century Square had a Tapa King outlet:

Tapa King Menu

She was so excited she couldn’t wait to share the experience with me, and I mean that literally.  She went there for lunch and then told me in great detail about how good it was.  Tapa King’s reputation is well known to Filipinos and many of them were lined up, along with curious locals, to get a taste of this great Filipino dish.

Line at Tapa King

She didn’t want me to miss out on the experience so she sent me a copy of the menu so I could choose something for her to bring home with her:

Tapa King:

Tender beef strips marinated in a savory sauce cooked over a griddle, served with fried egg, chopped tomato and garlic fried rice.

Tapa Queen

Tender beef strips marinated in a spicy sweetish sauce cooked over a griddle, served with fried egg, chopped tomato and garlic fried rice.

Tapa Prince

Tender beef strips marinated in sweetish sauce cooked over a griddle, served with fried egg, chopped tomato and garlic fried rice.

Tapa Joe

Tender beef strips cut in small pieces marinated in herbs and spices cooked over a griddle, served with fried egg, chopped tomato and garlic.

They all sounded pretty good, but I went ahead and asked for the Tapa King.  The tapa dishes are their specialty so we didn’t bother with the other dishes.  My wife says the Spicy Tuyo is good, but it’s dried fish and she figured I wouldn’t like that.  Crispy Liempo is a piece of pork, if you’re wondering.

When she got home I eagerly opened the box, ready to dig in:

Tapa King Meal

Tapa King Meal

When I took the first bite, I knew I’d found a new favorite dish.  I literally found myself scraping the container to get the last few bits of garlic rice and wished I’d had a second helping available.  I’m excited to try the other versions the next time I’m in Tampines.

If you’re interested in trying some Filipino cuisine in Singapore, then I highly recommend Tapa King.  You definitely won’t be disappointed!

6 thoughts on “Tapa King in Singapore”

  1. oh, no Chipotle and Red Robin in Manila. Just stuff I miss from Ohio. lol. There's not many good american food in Singapore.Jollibee for me is the be all and end all. I've never tried the fake one in Singapore but I'll probably just be disappointed.


  2. Manila in a week huh? Lucky! I'm looking forward to heading over there in May.I don't think I've heard of Chipotle though I do definitely miss Mexican food. I'm actually excited to eat at a Taco Bell. I haven't had that in two years. I love Red Robbin cake, but I didn't realize they serve burgers.By the way, there is a Jollibee in Singapore… sort of: http://bit.ly/aFEroS


  3. I'd give that a try if I wasn't flying to Manila in a week. Now if they have Jollibee, Chipotle and Red Robin Burgers (without malay flavoring), I'd be one happy camper.


  4. That's funny. I'm from the US but never heard of either of those. Of course I'd never heard of Carl's Jr. before going to the west coast either.I agree with you that there's not much (affordable) good US food in Singapore. The last time I tried to argue that point a lot of Singaporeans told me this place is a 'food heaven' and everything good is here and I just didn't look hard enough. I shouldn't have to look that hard for it. Anyway, the end result on that o e was that I got called a racist for not liking the local pizzas I'd tried.My wife loves Jollibee so I wind up eating there a lot but if I had my choice i'd always eat at Arby's and Taco Bell.


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