Cat Export Preparations Update #2

We are well under way!

Last week I went to the pet store in White Sands and found IATA certified Ferstar travel carriers that will meet our needs.  They were a bit pricey at 75 bucks apiece, but since they’re airline certified I know we’ll be able to use them multiple times in the future, since the Philippines isn’t a destination so much as another stopping point to learn and enjoy life.  I opted for home delivery both because it was free and because they didn’t have 3 carriers on hand.  They had to order them from their warehouse.  A few days later I got a call saying that the carriers would take a bit longer to come in because they had to be ordered from overseas.  That’s a little troubling, since I don’t have a lot of time to play around with anymore.  They’re supposed to arrive tomorrow, so here’s hoping it pans out alright.  When we get them in, I’ll be sure to throw up some photos of the carriers and point out some of the details.

Beyond that, I called up Philippine Airlines to discuss having the cats transported along with us.  The procedures are fairly simple.  You book your tickets and then within two days prior to the flight you have to go down to their office to provide them with a copy of the export permit, import permit and health certificate.

If you’re wondering, cats (and other pets) can’t ride on the budget carriers.  You have to take one of the full fledged airlines and the only two offering the service between the Singapore and the Philippines are Singapore Airlines and Philippine Airlines.  The difference in ticket prices between SIA and PAL was about 400 SGD, so we went with the cheaper option.

Total cost of the carriers: 213 SGD (after PetLovers members discount of 5%)

Total difference in cost between premium airline tickets and budget tickets: roughly 400 SGD

Total ‘Damages’ So Far: 713 SGD (approximately)

Total to go: 380 SGD (approximately)

Stay tuned for more updates!  Also, I’ll later be compiling all of the details into a more refined post for a good walk through on how to bring cats from Singapore to the Philippines.

6 thoughts on “Cat Export Preparations Update #2”

  1. Ya. Sucks right? The extra cost for those IATA carriers is a pain. The big issue I'm having now, though, is trying to get the dang export permit from AVA. They're making it more difficult than it has to be.


  2. Well, blogs come in all flavors. I think this was Megan's first time outside of the United States so it's reasonable for her to want to compare things here to what she's used to from back home. Also, I think it's important to look at the context. As the spouse of a US serviceman, she may have considered the possibility of having to go overseas, but she didn't really ask for it. I give her points for keeping a positive attitude and making the most of it. Even if she had hoped to go overseas, I doubt Singapore was anywhere near the top of her wish-list.I think it's normal for her to long for home, much more so than I do, since I voluntarily came here. Also, I've moved around my entire life. I've never lived in one place for more than 5 years or so. For some places my stay was as short as 3 months. Even though I may not completely adapt to where I am, I think I'm at a point where it's much easier for me to want to dive into the culture and try to 'fit in'. Also, it's not as obvious anymore, but her blog was originally started as a way to keep her family updated back home, so she was writing with her target audience in mind, and has continued to do that throughout. Her family used to comment on some of the posts, but they comment trolls scared them off I think.So, I take Megan's blog for what it is, and I do enjoy it quite a bit, because she often homes in on things that I completely miss and I can always relate to her blog posts. Even her family background (where they're from, type of people) is close to mine, which makes it easy to understand and identify with her point of view.That aside, I do appreciate your high regard for my blog(s)! It's been a trial and error process and I've been learning continuously as I go along, and for the most part I just try to write from the hip. I used to try to research things and have lots and lots of links to supporting content, but I realized it just doesn't make sense, given the fact that this is a blog and not a research paper. ^_^Thanks for your well-wishes, and hope to hear from you again!


  3. I thought about that and asked. The vet and the person I spoke to at the airline said they want each cat to be in it's own carrier. The space requirement for each cat (or dog) is that they have ample room to lay down, turn around, and stand up. There also has to be room for food and water in the carrier. You would need a really really big carrier to accommodate multiple cats that way so it's best to have one carrier for each.Besides that, it's better for your cat's well being. Just from personal experience, sometimes cats turn on each other when they panic, because they think the other cat is causing the discomfort.


  4. I was linked to your blog from your comments on My goodness, what a refreshing change it is reading your blog! I especially enjoy how you tell it like it is, calling out the crap when you see it (and we all know Singapore has it's fair share of that), and appreciating things that should be appreciated. I feel that Megan hasn't embraced the spirit of being an expat, comparing nearly everything she's experienced to the status quo in the U.S. For sure, the U.S. may be far better than Singapore in many aspects, but the point of being an expat, or living in a different country, isn't to compare how your host country matches up to your home country. It's about adapting to differences and trying to embrace them. I feel that you've done this in a very mature and admirable way, and it's a pleasure reading your blog.All the best for your move to the Philippines. With your positive attitude and the support of your wife, I'm sure you'll find it a cinch.


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