More Strange Pringles Flavors from the Philippines

Last month on the 1st I posted a photo of some odd Pringles flavors, including Seaweed and Grilled Shrimp, that I’d found here in the Philippines.  I think they’re totally weird and I’m not all that interested in trying them, but I suppose they’re patterned after local tastes, the way McDonald’s patterns it’s menu to match the country they’re in.

Project Pringles

In the comments to that post, I was given a link to another blog called Everything-Everywhere.  The blog writer, Gary Arndt, has a project going on that he calls “Project Pringles”.  His intent is to document all of the Pringles flavors from all over the world, including photos.  The commenter on my post recommended I get a better shot of the Grilled Shrimp Pringles since it wasn’t on his list yet, but it took me way too long to get back around to it.

Grilled Shrimp Pringles

I did finally remember to take my camera with me to the grocery store, but alas, it was too late.  Someone else had already submitted the grilled shrimp flavor, as well as the other two I found:

Soft-Shell Crab PringlesFruit & Nut: Lemon & Sesame Pringles

Left: Soft-shell Crab Pringles. Right: Fruit & Nut: Lemon & Sesame Pringles

If you have an interest in weird Pringles Flavors or you want to participate in that guy’s project, head over to his site by clicking here.

2 thoughts on “More Strange Pringles Flavors from the Philippines”

  1. Hey Bradley. Ive bought Pringles in the Philippines and theres one thats very plain packaging manufactured in China and its horrible. Doesnt even taste like the pringles chips and says manufactured by QinQin in Fujian Province. I didnt even get the courtesy of Pringles replying to me to question whether this is fake pringles on the market but they are not fresh and taste fake. The other “source” has more text on the container and is from Thailand it appears and these were fresher. What is dissapointing through is the customer feedback mechanism of the Pringles company and how trying to get an answer is not only a waste of time but what if you wanted to alert the company to chips that were somehow tainted or fake.


    1. Hi Roy. I could be mistaken, since it’s been quite a while since I lived in Asia, but if I remember right, I ate Pringles that were made in Thailand as well. I did a little quick looking around on Google and it looks like there are Pringles that are manufactured in China officially, though the ones you have with less writing on the label do sound sort of bogus. It’s possible that you got something that was cooked up in the Philippines and had a bootleg label slapped on it to make it seem legitimate. Just to make things a little more confusing and scary for you, concerning Pringles at least, take a look at this article about Pringles made in the good old USA that can cause cancer:


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