Classic New York City Taxi

Old fashioned New York City Taxi.

I saw this old fashioned taxi cab parked on the side of the road.  I assume it’s still being used, but I could be wrong.  Maybe someone bought it and is using it as a personal vehicle and they enjoy the novelty of driving it.

I don’t ride in taxis much here.  They’re way too expensive.  With a little foresight and time management, you could save yourself 20 dollars or more and just take the bus or train.  I guess a lot of people do use them though, because sometimes I get the impression that there are more taxis on the roads here in the city than any other types of vehicles combined.

10 thoughts on “Classic New York City Taxi”

  1. YOU SHOULD! London is amazing! although I've never been excited to live there because it's where I'm from … if that makes sense?


  2. Ya. I'd like to go to London. I know what you mean though. I'm not very excited to go to places I've already been or lived in. Being in NYC for me is exciting, but mostly because I'm back home from being abroad for so long. I suppose it doesn't hold the same magic for me as it does for someone who's never been here.


  3. didn't see any of those during my short trip to NY a few years ago. Since you'll be there for a while maybe we can link up as I head to Japan via New York next summer.


  4. there was a decommissioned cab like that, that was used in Joe and the Volcano (tom hanks). Well, that belonged to our present Governor-elect.


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