Lazy Postal Workers? East 14th Street “POS” Office

East 14th Street USPS, NYC

As it’s name implies (see above image), this “POS” office performed poorly today.

Despite the fact that there was more than one person in our apartment all day (excluding the ‘must have been in the bathroom and didn’t hear when I knocked’ excuse), I found a missed delivery notice in the mailbox, stating that I can pick up my package at the post office.

The postal worker never even came up to the apartment to try to deliver the package.  The worker was either too lazy to take the elevator and walk a few steps, or didn’t bother to bring the package with them from the post office in the first place.  It’s especially ridiculous considering it’s a tube mailer for a poster.  It’s not heavy.  It’s not something that would be difficult to deliver.  It was just laziness.

I asked around and heard that this is a common problem for this post office.  The delivery person regularly leaves the ‘missed delivery’ notice without actually trying to deliver the package first.  In fact, this post office in particular seems to have a lot of problems, judging from the Google maps reviews page.  Is poor service the standard at this post office?

I remember hearing on the news that the USPS is about to start running in the red, presumably because of lack of business and competition from private sector alternatives like FedEX and UPS.  Is it any wonder that people are choosing slightly pricier, but more reliable alternatives who will actually deliver the package?  The shipping costs I paid for that package was to have it delivered to my door, not for me to have to go pick it up.  With me having to go pick it up myself due to lack of proper service, you could even say that the USPS stole money from me, since they haven’t rendered the service I paid for.

The USPS, at least this “POS” office, is one more overpaid and underperforming government office that needs to have the fat trimmed to stay reliable and solvent.

10 thoughts on “Lazy Postal Workers? East 14th Street “POS” Office”

  1. Same shit keeps happening to me. I shop onlime because I have a sick baby and I can barely get outside. So they rang my bell and I buzzed them in, but they did not come up. They wanted me to go downstairs from the 5 th floor. I'm not going to leave my child u.attended because someone wants to be lazy.


  2. Margee: I plan on complaining when I go to the pos office to pick up the package in a few hours. I doubt it will make any difference, though.RonW: I agree with you, Ron, about the 'downsizing'. It only makes good business sense to not run in the red. I seem to recall you having a few bad experiences with the post office delivery there as well, though I could be mistaken. I'm going to make the trip to the post office today. I want my cat poster.


  3. When the postal service lost $2 billion a few years ago, I thought they should close up. This year already they're $9 billion in the red and counting. Last year they lost $8 Billion. They're planning a 120,000 lay off. The sooner the better. Btw, the most the delivery person did was put your package in the truck. You don't think for a moment that he/she actually lugged the package to your apartment building, do you. Like most other apartment building in our neck of the woods, we have postal service has installed lockers for medium size packages in our building's lobby. A tube mailer would be too long to fit though.


  4. Interestingly enough (or maybe not so interesting!), the opposite happened at my house today. My mom ignored the knocking when USPS tried to deliver a package but mostly due to the fact that it came in an unmarked van. Can't really fault her there, I guess.I'm sorry I did not respond to your other post about your gamer tag from Steam. I'll go re-read that and post a comment there!


  5. Funny stuff.You are right, you paid for it to be delivered, not get it yourself. If that happens, you should get some free stamps or something.This was a regular occurrence with my UPS driver at my old location. I used to be home all day and come downstairs to see the yellow note on the door telling me to come get it.


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