My Cat vs Human “True Love” Poster

A few months ago I started regularly reading a web comic called Cat vs Human.  It’s really crazy just how closely Yasmine Surovec’s experiences with her boyfriend and her cats mirrors mine and my wife’s experiences.  Her insight into cat behavior and the strange situations that arise from letting cats into your household and into your life make for great reading and great entertainment.

Her comics are pretty popular and she has a Cat vs Human store for related merchandise.  About the time I got really hooked on her web comic I looked at the store and was disappointed to see that the poster I wanted was out of stock.  She finally had more printed and put up for sale last week so I ordered immediately!  This is what I went to the post office for yesterday, and what the mail worker failed to deliver to my door, even though people were in the house all day.

My wife loves cats.  She loves all animals, really, but cats have a special place in her heart.  They’ve helped her through some hard times with their companionship.  I agreed to adopting cats because I knew it would make her happy, but before long I realized that those little bastards had wormed their way into my heart as well.  I love our cats, very much.  Each one has a unique personality and even though they can cause disaster at times, there’s nothing quite like having a cat curl up in your lap unexpectedly and purr, content to just be next to you.

My cats, like my wife, are now part of my family.  If my wife had her way, she’d adopt them all, but that’s not feasible, both for economic and hygiene reasons.  Still, this poster really visualizes our life, loving someone no matter what, taking the good with the bad, making sacrifices and finding middle ground to start from.  I’ll be framing this and hanging it in the bedroom.

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